I’ve been reading the book, “How to Do The Work,” by Dr. Nicole LePera, she’s best known for her Instagram popularity as @theholisticpsychologist

But here’s the question–what does it mean to “do the work?”

What exactly is the work?

The work is what we all need to feel whole. The work is what we need to stop getting in our own way and stop hiding for ourselves. The work is about healing. The work is about helping ourselves to fully show up in the world.

BUT…here’s the caveat–sometimes, we get used to hiding. We hide behind our work, we hide behind our stress, we hide behind our busy-ness, or our kids, or our partner, or always putting ourselves LAST on the list.

It’s hiding–and why do we hide? Because feeling our feelings can be really hard sometimes. It’s easier to numb out and ignore ourselves but if we do that, we will continue to get in our own way. To do the work means being willing to walk through fire. It means to care deeply for yourself, to love yourself. Sometimes it means to re-parent yourself, it might mean to date yourself, it might even mean to re-educate yourself in the way you want to be treated.

Doing the work means having boundaries.

Doing the work means knowing what you need as a person.

Doing the work means taking even better care of yourself than you can ever expect anyone else to treat you.

Doing the work might mean…reading, playing, laughing, sleeping, crying, saying f*ck off, going it alone, phoning a friend…it mean mean throwing yourself into the unknown, it might mean getting a therapist or a coach, it might even mean allowing everything around you to burn to the ground and walk away if it is not meant for you.

We avoid doing the work because it ain’t easy–but anyone that’s ever walked through fire and came out on the other side will tell you, it’s 100% worth it.

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