Bailey is joined by Simon Jeffries, the Co-Founder of The Natural Edge to talk about how changing your mindset helps remove all those limitations that hold you back from being exactly who you are and living a life with purpose.



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Simon is a Former Special Forces Sergeant Major that left the UKSF to enter the corporate world where he hit rock bottom. This is an inspiring story that will help you not only find meaning in challenging situations but will also help you unlock your own story. Simon believes that every single action in life is driven by your mindset. So, the more you work on it, the easier it is to unseal other areas.


You can find the natural edge of your own authenticity! Dive in, this inspiring story and mindset will help you discover all that you are capable of and even more!

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About Simon Jeffries:

Simon is a mindset coach who combines his elite military background in UK Special Forces with neuroscience and psychology to build systematic programmes which remove limitations, unlock peak mental & physical performance and forge mental toughness. He is the co-founder of The Natural Edge.


Key Takeaways:

  • We need to take the stories of the past that lend to the bigger picture of who we are
  • Hitting rock bottom is the launchpad to finding your path 
  • Mindset is a tool that can be trained
  • When you make a shift with mindset, behaviors follow
  • You will only stick to a path that is aligned with your core values 
  • Everything in life is a process and you don’t need perfection
  • Make small choices and keep them positive to move forward 
  • You can’t do anything until you are aware of what your self-talk is 
  • You need mental headspace where you can sit with your thoughts and get wrapped up in them
  • Little changes add up over the day 
  • Instant gratification is an incredibly poor predictor of success 
  • Design your own environment to work for you instead of against you 
  • Be willing to sit with discomfort is part of the process to get to the other side
  • Let go of the identity that affects negatively all that surrounds you


In the episode we cover:

  • Welcome Simon Jeffries to The Mindrise Podcast!: (00:00)
  • How Simon and Bailey met: (01:14)
  • About Simon’s background in sales: (03:07)
  • What was the path that brought you to the work that you are doing now?: (07:30)
  • Relationship that Simon has between trust and effort: (15:07)
  • Simon’s approach when it comes to changing the story: (18:39)
  • Going through life not paying attention to the narrative & the wake up call to come back to it:  (22:27)
  • Simon’s thoughts on the theory that we weren’t built to process info quickly as it is coming in: (25:16)
  • Good kind of excitement versus instant gratification from constant stimulus that we are in: (29:24)
  • Mindset as a tool that can be trained: (33:56)
  • Letting go of an identity we have been holding on for so long: (39:07)
  • Wrap-up: (42:15)


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