In this episode, Bailey welcomes back Gervase Kolmos, an intuitive mindset coach and hypnotherapist. Bailey and Gervase talk about how to get into a relationship with yourself.

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We are all exposed to social conditioning. It is about how we fit in, act, eat, dress and think the way we do. Since the moment we are born, we are taught what to do. We are conditioned by parents, family, school, the media, the laws, and even political and religious leaders.

But, did we choose this, or is it something that we have been conditioned to do? Is this something I want to continue with, or does it come to battle with my own core beliefs?

Gervase and Bailey talk about how women can heal their own traumas, discover who they really are and what they truly desire in life while parenting or managing a business.

In order to check into ourselves we must take the first step, and that means “crack the book” of self. Once you have done that, you will be able to dive into your soul, your spirituality and begin the healing process. If this healing process gets too hard to do on your own, coaches can help.

Gervase talks about triggers. These reveal when you’re out of touch and need to tune back into yourself. These are moments not for judgment, but exceptional opportunities to look into ourselves and figure out what is truly happening and needs to change.

Once you are aware of your situation, believe in yourself, accept each part of yourself, align with your purpose and have an accurate picture of who you truly are, only then can you live a life to make an impact.

Focusing on your own healing first will then help guide you in parenting moments. 

When it comes to business and you are feeling out of touch with yourself, Gevase believes you need to realign with your soul. It is the only way to tune back into your unique expression, your art, what lights you up, makes you get out of bed every morning, and makes you your own authority.

Furthermore they talk about what it means to be successful in your life. Our life is not dimensional. It is all about being all of you and realizing that tons of other things are possible.

What if, just for today you dared yourself to do something different?


About Gervase Kolmos:

Gervase is an Intuitive Mindset Coach, host of the It’s All Me podcast, and founder of The Champagne Society. 

In 2020, she added Hypnotherapy to her coaching practice. For seven plus years, she’s been empowering women to choose themselves to create the life and relationships they actually want. Through coaching and hypnosis, she teaches the ambitious modern woman how to trust herself, connect to her intuition and reprogram her subconscious.


Key Takeaways:

  • Entrepreneurship is learning to be your own authority on whatever you do.
  • As soon as you crack the book of self, then that leads to the book of soul and the book of spirituality.
  • Focus on your own healing and that will guide you in parenting moments.
  • Whatever is aligned to your soul purpose works out.
  • If you want to be your own self, move out of a place of abundance, activation and desire rather than a place where you don’t know the answer. 
  • To achieve self acceptance, honor each part of yourself and have an accurate picture of who you are.
  • Being successful in your life is about being all of you and realizing that other things are possible.


In the episode we cover:

  • Welcome Gervase Kolmos to The Mindrise Podcast: (00:00)
  • How to check in with ourselves: (01:12)
  • Being ourselves and being a mom: (03:24)
  • Out of touch with ourselves & tuning back in: (12:41)
  • Out of touch in terms of business & tuning back into our art: (18:04)
  • Discernment between our inner knowing voice and anxious voice: (21:57)
  • Adding layers of things we are curious about to our inner self: (25:04)
  • Why we make our life too dimensional: (29:06)
  • Unique opportunity to see things differently: (34:02)


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