Bailey is joined by CEO + Editor-in-Chief of Bella Magazine Vanessa Coppes to talk about all that it takes to reach your dreams.



Vanessa not only is an author, multimedia entrepreneur and mom but is one of only five Latina women in the U.S. to helm an international magazine, something she dreamed of since she was a kid. Having gone through depression, many jobs and roadblocks along the way, Coppes is here today to inspire you with her amazing journey of recovery and success. 


Vanessa and Bailey dive deep into the importance of connection, learning and giving back, what helps Vanessa live both sides of her life – life’s challenges & being in the media – the importance of sharing your story and how to take care of your inner self.


Success is a long-lasting journey built with unpredictable ups and downs. It is built on risk, change, and personal development. This path teaches you to cope with failure, get up anyway, and push forward towards your dreams. Success is rarely a smooth type of journey, if you want to succeed you must have the resilience to face the inevitable and the willingness to work hard.


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About Vanessa Coppes:

As one of only five Latina women in the U.S. to helm an international magazine, BELLA Editor In Chief Vanessa Coppes, brings the full depth of her diverse background as an immigrant to running her magazine as well as her media company. 


Vanessa hosts a Facebook Watch TV show Life is BELLA and hosts the magazine’s podcast called Real Talk with BELLA.


Coppes is the Co-Founder of ETT Women (Entrepreneurial Think Tank), co-founder of the ETT Women Foundation and is on the Advisory Committee for Women of Color in Philanthropy. 


She is the author of the book 5 Steps to Fabulous: Choices for Living Beautifully Inside and Out.


Key Takeaways:

  • You can reach your goals as long as you are willing to do the work
  • Do what lights you up and gets you out of bed
  • If you find a roadblock, just find another way to keep moving forward 
  • You can make each women’s day a little bit easier with “me too”
  • Therapy can save lives
  • Journaling can help you to improve your mood, prioritize problems, fears, and concerns.
  • We need each other; we need to connect
  • We can all learn something from each other
  • ETT is a safe place to be vulnerable
  • “Let’s be honest with each other and honest with other women about the realities of life, business and the ups and downs because it is not a cruise”
  • There is always a lesson in everything 
  • Connect, learn and give back
  • Yoga can help you center yourself; harness the physical and mental together through your breath
  • Take care of selfcare, you need moments to yourself to nurture your inner self 



In the episode we cover:

  • Welcome Vanessa Coppes to The Mindrise Podcast!: (00:00)
  • Intro: (47:00)
  • Stepping into being the ceo of a major magazine: (01:22)
  • Messages Vanessa had as a kid of working in a magazine business in New York City: (10:18)
  • Things that have allowed Vanessa to live both sides of the coin: (14:01)
  • About ETT & connection: (19:28)
  • What is next for vanessa: (24:22)
  • About selfcare & wrap-up: (26:21)


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