Bailey is joined by her team, life balance coach Jennifer Wielage & life and career coach Danielle K. Ford to talk about burnout.



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Burnout is a result of excessive and prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress. Quite often, burnout is related to one’s job.


It happens to everyone some time or another. One is busy going here and there — working, helping others, or taking care of our families. Sometimes, one gets too busy and forgets to take a step back and rest. That is when burnout can occur. And let’s not forget that high levels of reactivity lead to high levels of cortisol.


Jennifer, Danielle and Bailey dive deep into what is burnout and the importance of getting yourself on a regular schedule, checking in with yourself and identifying your smoke alarms. Furthermore they share tons of advice on how to recover from this swamped feeling and regain a balanced happy life back. 



About Jennifer Wielage:

Jennifer is a life balance coach and has over twenty years’ experience as a freelance court reporter. She helps women who are stressed out and overwhelmed to find more peace and contentment in their lives. 


About Danielle K. Ford:

Danielle is a lifelong learner, life and career coach, and marketing ologist. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Question your negative narrative and change it.
  • Negative words create negative feelings and create negative actions.
  • Don’t let your identity come from a sense of achievement . 
  • We have the ability to say yes and say no.
  • We have the ability to decide how we want to see our work life.
  • Address burnout by planning your week ahead of time and start with your time off.
  • Switch from “I have to do” to “I want to do”.
  • You have the choice to create your own schedule. 
  • You don’t have to take care of it all yourself, there are other options.
  • Take a moment to check in with yourself.
  • High levels of reactivity lead to high levels of cortisol, so check on your stress and burnout.
  • The way you think about things creates stress.
  • Change from scarcity and lack to gratitude and abundance.
  • Give yourself credit for all the things you have done.
  • Journaling is one of the best ways to check in with yourself.
  • Have a regular journal practice to get off that merry go round that causes burnout. 
  • Block out time for rest.
  • Learn how to say no when you think it is too much.
  • Live your life according to the season.


In the episode we cover:

  • Welcome Jennifer Wielage & Danielle Ford to The Mindrise Podcast!: (00:00)
  • About the inner bully: (00:26)
  • Burnout happening as a lack of awareness: (06:34)
  • Jennifer’s burnout smoke alarms & tools for addressing burnout: (13:40)
  • Danielle’s tools for addressing burnout: : (21:27)
  • Bailey’s burnout smoke alarms: (24:13)
  • What high levels of reactivity do: (29:16)
  • The importance of gratitude: (32:49)
  • About the 90 day journal & the importance of journaling: (35:45)
  • How to take a stand for yourself for rest: (37:30)
  • What Dan, Jennifer & Bailey focus on in this season of their life: (42:18)
  • Wrap-up: (47:45)


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