In this episode, Bailey interviews Jennifer Wielage & Danielle Ford, the Mindrise team, to talk about purpose. Finding yourself and believing in yourself are crucial to figure out what you want in life. Jennifer and Danielle share their own journey towards finding their purpose and becoming a coach. 

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Both Jennifer and Danielle, as well as Bailey, dive deep into the  meaning of purpose, whether it changes overtime or not, what it means to be living your purpose and why it is so important. 

Furthermore they converse about the importance of following your intuition instead of your anxious voice, why it can be scary to follow your intuition, how to live to the fullest and play it all out instead of playing it small, and how to know when it’s time to let go or keep holding on to your purpose.


About Jennifer Wielage:

Jennifer is a life balance coach and has over twenty years’ experience as a freelance court reporter. She helps women who are stressed out and overwhelmed to find more peace and contentment in their lives. 

Jennifer’s coaching keeps a keen focus on the pesky details of life that sneak in and throw us out of whack. She is committed to sharing what worked and is extremely motivated to help support her fellow “balance seekers” as they transform their lives from chaos to calm. Her method for coaching is modeled on the colors of the rainbow: with seven aspects of daily living; seven colors to which they correspond.


About Danielle K. Ford:

Danielle is a lifelong learner, life and career coach, and marketing ologist. 

She came to the realization that throughout her life, she has often been in a coaching role in some form or fashion. The epiphany that the experiences she had in the roles of confidant, trusted advisor, problem-solver, and friend to many, was incredibly empowering. Finding creative solutions to both ordinary and complex problems is one of her superpowers. Helping others see their situation from another perspective and working together to turn problems into solutions, truly puts her in her happy place.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first step to living your purpose is realizing who you really are.
  • Accept where you are and don’t judge where you have been.
  • When you live your truth you can inspire others.
  • Teach the young to know themselves and take more risks. 
  • When you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like you are living your life in flow. 
  • If you clean out the cobwebs and see what is not working, then you can figure out who you are and what you want. 
  • Stop holding yourself back and say yes to yourself.


In the episode we cover:

  • Welcome Jennifer Wielage & Danielle Ford to The Mindrise Podcast!: (00:00)
  • What does it mean to live your purpose?: (01:34)
  • Being yourself allows others to be themselves too: (03:35)
  • Does purpose change?: (08:54)
  • Following your intuition versus the anxiety voice: (00:00)
  • Playing small and not full out : (17:48)
  • How to know when to push through and when to tap out: (28:00)


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