Sometimes there are words that hit you so hard and you just feel, “me too.” I wanted to share with you this new blog from Life + Leadership Coach Training Graduate, Regina Mosley. She just has a presence and a way with words that captures you because she knows how to be real. Read on…


Hurricane Mind

Sitting through the first part of the storm that is said to be in a hurricane’s path and reflecting on how the winds and rain are beautifully dancing through the air. Clearing and cleansing a path that can lead to destruction and a sense of peace simultaneously.

It’s almost like the mind. Those whirling thoughts/voices (wind) that will either kill your progress or push you forward because your mindset has cleansed and filtered (rain) those whirling thoughts/voices.

The destruction in its path is the stagnation we place on ourselves due to the lack of self-belief, self-love, and self-worth/value. Those are the pieces that we need to leave behind. When the storm has passed and the rain has stopped, the sun shines on a new beginning.

A fresh start to rebuild a better self.

One of self-love, gratitude, value/worth. A belief that you were put on this path because you are uniquely you and your gifts and talents are to be shared with the world, selflessly.


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