On Tuesday night, my hubby and I had a dream date night planned at the Zen Den–6:30pm yoga class, acupuncture, and even a crystal bowl meditation. I asked Grandma to watch the baby, dressed in my favorite yoga clothes, and put on a splash of makeup. I even drew a heart around our date in my calendar.

I was ready.

And then I remembered that I scheduled my Let’s Talk Tuesday call at the same time….ugh!!

Now picture this…at 5:50pm I get into the car and pop in my earbuds for our call, racing to make it to class, sitting in the parking lot to finish the call, and run in to lay on my yoga mat with my heart pounding.

Ridiculous, right?!

I’ll never do THAT again.

I don’t know about you but by 5pm, I’m cooked.

By 5pm, I want to be walking the dogs, spending time with my family, cooking up a delicious dinner, reading a good book, going to meditation class, or grabbing a cocktail with friends.

My zone of genius hours are 9am to 4pm. This is when I do my best work, I’m ON–super focused, connected and fully present for my clients. Maybe it’s because I love what I do, it doesn’t feel like “work.” Sometimes I’m guilty of letting my work bleed into the boundaries I set for my life, my “me” time, and my family time.

The truth is: I’m better at what I do when I give myself time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate (and I bet you are too).

YOUR PURPOSE: Loving what you do every day is essential–it’s your fuel, it’s living and breathing your WHY in the world. But, when what you DO starts to take away from your “YOU” time, it’s time to put boundaries in place to help you recharge and reignite the fire.

The time you spend giving to yourself allows you to live your purpose BIGGER, give MORE, and shine BRIGHTER.

In fact, to give more of yourself, you need to give more to yourself [Tweet it!]

In the comments below, I want to hear from you:
Do you ever over-schedule yourself?
Do you ever push past your work/life boundaries?
Do you ever put yourself last on the list?


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