Ten years ago, I wanted to become a therapist. I would have a ton of school to do and even more post-graduate work before hanging up my shingle to start treating clients. I thought about giving up, I kept thinking, “You’re not good enough to be a therapist. You’re too young anyway”

Nearly two years ago, I decided that I wanted to take my practice as a therapist off the proverbial couch and shift into lifestyle design coaching. That little voice popped up again and said, “You’re not good enough to be a coach. What do you know about online-marketing anyway.”

Even four weeks ago, with a bustling coaching practice and growing list of clients, I decided that I wanted to host a live webinar. All I heard was, “You’re not good enough, who is going to listen anyway.”

I’m sure you’ve said it before, “I’m not good enough.” 

Or “smart enough”…”thin enough”…”rich enough”…”well-known enough”…

The list goes on.

Remember that cartoon you saw as a little kid–an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Well, it’s true.

It’s all about your self-talk. We’ve got an angel sitting on one shoulder whispering, “You can do it, just try” and a devil on the other shoulder shouting:

“You aren’t good enough.”

Ugh, that damn inner critic. The truth is, we are tougher on ourselves than anyone else. When you really think about it, the crappy things you say to yourselves, you wouldn’t say to anyone. Not your sister, best friend, mother, or even co-worker. Sometimes we are so critical of ourselves that we wouldn’t even repeat our self-talk out loud.

So, I’m curious, how is that working out for you?

You are enough. And it’s time that “little devil” took a hike. Negative self-talk almost seems inevitable but it’s time that we take a stand. I’m hosting a LIVE webinar on just that…kicking fear in the face because it’s Your Life, Your Way.


In this action packed webinar, we’ll be focusing on the steps you NEED to take to take your big idea from a dream to your lifestyle. 

Here’s the game plan: We’ll have a super-focused and action-oriented webinar then I will open the floor to as  hit as many of your q’s as possible in the hour we have together. 
Plus, if you’ve been wondering what it’s like to work with me, this call is also a perfect opportunity to bring questions and help you decide if we’re a good fit together. 




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