Have you ever asked yourself, “What else is possible?” If your situation or surroundings aren’t working for you, have you ever wondered, “How could this get better?”

Last weekend, I had a fantastic brunch in Carlsbad, CA with Cory Michelle, juicy-life creator extraordinaire, where she asked just these same questions. How can we look at our life, our choices, and our circumstances and consider what else is possible.

What is infinitely possible? Oh, that’s a juicy one and I love questions like these. Questions that ask us to go beyond, to imagine the possibilities beyond what is right in front of our nose.

As ambitious and driven women, we can find ourselves operating in “crisis mode,” that is going from one “fire” to the next. Putting out each fire or only task-mastering what is right in front of us. We tend to be so focused on the doing that we don’t take the time to consider, “What else is possible?”

In our call last week, we talked about conquering fear by asking ourselves, “What do I want?” I believe that these two questions are very much tied together.

When we realize that we have the power to change our circumstances by using choice, we become empowered. (Tweet it!)

Woah—that’s a big one. Since we spend so much time making choice, the power of selection becomes underrated and over looked. Knowing that we have a choice is only as powerful as the truth behind the choice.

What does this mean? As Cory Michelle shared, it’s the difference between a “light” choice or the “right” choice. A light choice meaning that we make a decision that is in line with how we want to feel, what we desire in life, and what makes us feel optimally connected. When a choice feels heavy sometimes it is because it’s not the right choice for us—even if it’s what everyone else is doing or thinks that we should be doing too. Whether it’s working too late, placing judgments upon ourselves, feeling stuck and afraid to move forward, or even letting our anger act as a shield to prevent us from attaching with others. A heavy choice doesn’t promote our freedom and growth. Instead, it keeps us locked in or even shackled to living in the “shoulds.”


Next time you are faced with making a choice—to change careers, to move far away, to take or turn down a promotion, or stay in a relationship that isn’t working for you, know that the power of your choice is only as powerful as the truth behind the choice.

These three questions can help you along your journey:

  1. How do I want to feel?
  2. Is it a “light” choice or the “right” (heavy) choice?
  3. What else is possible, how could this get better?


In the comments section below: I would love to know about a tough choice that you have had to make and how it has shaped your journey?



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