In this episode, Bailey interviews Dr Kimberly Pendleton, a PhD is a high performance intimacy and leadership coach for entrepreneurs, who helps people deepen in their intimacy, heal their traumas, rise in their leadership, by creating lives that feel luxurious, sacred and safe.

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Bailey and Kimberly discuss the concept of pleasure in connection to leadership and entrepreneurship. 


Many people believe and live their lives thinking that pleasure is not connected with their work, and it might just be linked to sexuality. However, they explore different aspects of our daily life in which pleasure should be present to make us feel happier and, as a consequence, live better lives.


What is more, Kimberly tells her personal experience with pleasure, knowing herself and being a successful businesswoman who helps others find their way, as well. She was able to make huge changes in her personal and professional life, which led her to be happy and satisfied.


They strongly advise that the first step to add pleasure to our life is identifying what gives us pleasure, even if you think that is small. Then, we should all take the time and space to deal with deep things like traumas to heal and turn our lives into positive and happy lives.


Finally, Bailey and Kimberly jump into the narrative of ‘how people react to our changes and improvements’. They claim that we are not responsible for their experience of us, and we should not base our decision having that in mind.


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Key Takeaways

  • We have to find small pieces or moments of pleasure to increase happiness.
  • When we are happy, we can go deeper into our healing
  • We need to be clear on what brings us pleasure.
  • We are not responsible for somebody else’s reactions.
  • Increase pleasure to heal faster.


About Kimberly Pendleton 

Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD, is a high performance intimacy and leadership coach for entrepreneurs. Her work flows from the understanding that healing our intimacy wounds unleashes new levels of success, connection and courage.

Her expertise comes from her PhD at George Washington University and her Master’s degree from Yale. Kimberly is a certified coach and published researcher. More deeply, though, Pendleton’s expertise comes from leading hundreds of clients through this work to find freedom, financial success and deep love as they heal their wounds and emerge, bravely, on the other side.


In the episode we covered

(00:00) Bailey introduces Dr Kimberly Pendleton and the topics they are discussing in the episode.

(1:40) They talk about conversation starters and the difference between small talk vs deep conversation. Level 4 topics of conversation.

(3:11) Pleasure as part of entrepreneurship and leadership.

(4:50) They discuss how to integrate pleasure and business.

(9:00) Bailey and Kimberly embrace the idea of showing our authentic self.

(16:00) They walk us through the concept of pleasure and how important it is to know what makes us happy.

(17: 54) Kimberly tells her journey to her purpose and how she cleared her path towards pleasure and desire. 

(20: 15) Kimberly advises on when to take some time and place to deal with trauma.

(35:15) They discuss how to cope with relationships when there is such a deep change in our narrative and there might be people who do not understand us.

(40:23) They come to the conclusion that we are not responsible for other people’s experience of us.


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