You might have felt more than once in your life that you’re playing a role, or resisting yourself to be able to show who you “should” be. Being who you are, accepting yourself, and allowing yourself to express who you truly are can be a liberating experience.

In this episode, Kristine Deer opens up about her journey to self-acceptance, what motivated her to talk about her depression in 2016 and come out as gay in 2020. She talks about how important it is to address the stigma around mental health, and about asking for help and accepting it when you need it. She also talks about the empowering feeling of speaking your truth. Kristine and Bailey talk about the vicious cycle between hiding yourself and shame, which brings down your energy levels and can place you in a situation of despair. They also talk about how willingness and courage can be the turning point when it comes to making a positive change in your life. 

Kristine highlights that the realization of the fact that you are better than what you’re allowing yourself to be is what helps you get that willingness to change. While this is a difficult and painful journey, it will allow you to become who you truly are. If you instead try to bypass this process by numbing your feelings or wanting to learn what you’re supposed to learn immediately, then you will face frustration and prolong this process. You can build this courage and willingness as time goes by, and it will take you the time it will take you, which is okay. Everyone’s journey is different. You can also make the changes you need in your environment to help you move forward and grow. You have the power to change your life.


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About Kristine Deer

Kristine Deer is the founder, CEO, designer of K-Deer, and a RYT200+ certified Barkan Method Hot Yoga teacher. Kristine uses her platform to shed the light on mental health, the stigma around it, and the importance of self-acceptance to lead a happier life.


In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to The Mindrise Podcast
  • (04:48) The beauty of being present
  • (10:31) The stigma around mental health
  • (16:00) Hiding ourselves leads to a vicious cycle of shame
  • (19:03) Willingness and courage are key for change
  • (29:27) Bypassing the feelings doesn’t help you learn or grow any faster
  • (38:40) Everyone’s journey is different


Key Takeaways

  • Self-acceptance is a liberating journey
  • Speaking your truth empowers you
  • Hiding who you are can submerge you in shame and despair
  • By being courageous and willing to change, you can reach a better mental and emotional state
  • The environment you are in can be instrumental for your journey


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