Whenever I open my magic moleskin words just flow out. So when I opened my journal on my flight home Friday night and nothing happened, I just let it go. Saturday rolled around, again I opened up my moleskin and wrote a few words on paper, I crossed them out then wrote a few more words, and crossed those out too.

I stared down on the paper willing my hand to write, nada.
I dared my mind to think, nothing happened.

I took a deep breath and thought, what’s the lesson here?

In my old life I would have pushed and forced myself to put something on the paper. I would have stayed up late, without any inspiration but just to get the job done.

This time my journal writing (or lack there of) was my first clue, what did I need to happen next? Slight of breaking my leg, the universe was telling me it was time to slow down. So Saturday I slept–the two hour nap kind of sleep where you wake up still deliciously sleepy, in an almost dreamlike state. I had a Netflix Revenge marathon (guilty pleasure) and caught up on a bit of reading I had been meaning to do.

Even Sunday was spent nourishing myself: I made pumpkin bread and sweet potato loaf with my grandma (Have you heard of Thug Kitchen yet? If not, have a peek and a sense of humor.)


The thing was, in my past life of pushing myself too hard and demanding more for myself than necessary (or physically possible). I was not used to taking “no” for an answer. When it came to needing to slow down and look for balance, I used to take it as a sign that I needed to pump myself up and work harder. I would see it as a symbol of weakness.

The truth is, that’s the fast track to burning yourself out. So this time, I listened to myself, read the signs and let go of my expectations of what needed to happen this weekend. I let go of pushing too hard and let in relaxation and rejuvenation.
Even today began with yoga and a smoothie before checking my emails. Next I dove into my work with renewed passion, rocked my “to-do list” including laying the groundwork for my upcoming membership program, prepping for my LIVE workshop this weekend, and planning out my webinar for next week [Will you be joining me? Hope so!] Sometimes the best way to move forward is to slow down [Tweet It!] It was important for me to “drink my own Kool-Aid” and embrace the balance my body and mind were so desperately craving. So what’s next? I’ll let you know after I get back from my massage 🙂


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