In this episode, Bailey interviews Movement Mentor Dan Althoff to talk about how to break free from ego through movement and play.

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Bailey is joined by co-founder of OBX Fitness Collective, Dan Althoff, to talk about the importance of movement therapy and play to let go of all that prevents you from living life on your own terms and enjoying it to the fullest. 


Living up to the expectations of others begins from the time we are born. We are taught how to behave at home and school, and at work, we must comply with what is expected from us. Eventually, that innate sense of play, authenticity and curiosity we are born with all get submerged.


You can heal and live a more authentic life! Dive into this inspiring conversation and learn how to put all your energy into movement so you can get rid of those layers of ego that are holding you back. 


About Dan Althoff:

Dan has over 15 years teaching and 25 years of study and practice in a variety of physical and somatic disciplines. He has collected a mosaic of experience in physical culture and is the co-founder of OBX Fitness Collective.


Dan’s dance therapy (body-mind integration classes):


Key Takeaways:

  • No discipline is complete without your own authenticity
  • Confining doesn’t leave room for creativity and exploration.
  • Formality impedes authenticity.
  • Safety denotes fear.
  • Swimming in a river is only difficult when you are trying to resist the flow.
  • Goals are achieved through work and continuous failure. 
  • You can’t sell tea to somebody who wants coffee.
  • Step out of the ego game, your purpose is not to be the best.
  • Concerned about the outcome prevents you from enjoying the moment.
  • Movement is therapy.
  • Humans are made to move.
  • Get in touch with your innate sense of play little by little but everyday. 


In the episode we cover:

  • Welcome Dan Althoff to The Mindrise Podcast!: (00:00)
  • Who is Dan?: (02:27)
  • What is Dan’s mosaic made of: (02:58)
  • Giving ourselves permission to do things our own way: (07:09)
  • About body intelligence and body-mind integration: (15:36)
  • About the ego: getting it right to feel safe: (22:02)
  • How to get beyond ego: (25:39)
  • What gets us out of play: (31:35)
  • How to get in touch with our innate sense of play: (34:10)
  • How to face the challenge of expectations: (40:12)


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