Last year, I was exhausted—overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out and definitely not feeling beautiful.

I felt disconnected and definitely not sexy. When my fabulous and free powerhouse friend, Vivian, suggested that I come with her to attend an ESP event (think pole dancing) and mini-boudoir shoot, my answer was no and no.

BrandiGroomsBWBaileyDefinitely not, absolutely not, and I really don’t think so.

I was feeling too tired and too busy to be swinging around a pole and since I didn’t even have enough time to touch up my roots, a photo shoot was definitively not happening.

Vivian persisted and eventually I decided to get out of my own way, try something new, and step off of my hamster wheel of busyness. And guess what? I had such a fantastic time that I went a second time, bringing a friend (who will remain nameless but her husband definitely knows who I am talking about and thanks me on a regular basis) and we both had a blast.

I share this experience with you because meeting photographer, Brandi Grooms set me on a path to finding my divine femininity. Brandi creates an atmosphere of play, pleasure, and enjoyment. Allowing me to disconnect from the craziness of my world and reconnect with my sense of beauty, femininity, and sensuality.


So often as ambitious women, we spend much of our time in our masculine energy. Focused on our tasks and checklists, things to do and our accomplishments that we become disconnected from our fun, playful, nurturing, and sensual feminine.

Being photographed by Brandi helped me to get back to that place of feeling beautiful, feminine, and free.

On Saturday, May 17th, I invite you to join me for this special event. Brandi and I have worked together to create Abundant Beauty: A Women’s Day to Celebrate and Elevate, an afternoon of reconnecting with your clarity and divine femininity.


Abundant Beauty: A Women’s Day to Celebrate and Elevate

Exclusive Live Event: Saturday, May 17th, 12-3pm

Hosted by Integrative Wellness Group
800 Main Street, Suite 109, Belmar, NJ 07719

Come join us for a luxurious afternoon to celebrate you. Lifestyle Design Coach, Bailey Frumen, and Photographer, Brandi Grooms, invite you to a day of Abundant Beauty. In this clarity coaching and beauty photography event, we will take the time to celebrate and elevate the ambitious women. Spend an afternoon making time for yourself.

During this exclusive event, Brandi and I will be collaborating to bring you the tools to discover your beauty and clarity. Brandi will hold 1:1, personal mini-sessions focused on capturing your allure and I will be sharing my bag of tricks to bring you out of stress and overwhelm and into a place of clarity and connection. Let’s make this happen.

Together, with Integrative Wellness Group, Brandi and I offer you an afternoon of personalized attention and pampering(think wine, chocolate covered strawberries, massage, and other organic goodies), this exclusive event will be limited to 10 participants.

What is Clarity Coaching? Coaching provides you with a unique opportunity to create ease and develop power and abundance by using lifestyle design to make your intentions become reality. Together, we will focus on defining a clear path to personal fulfillment, happiness, and freedom.

Why Beauty Photography? Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. Through photography, we can learn to see the true beauty and allure that others see in us. Beauty sessions give you a day to empower and celebrate yourself along with your relationships, whether it be with your mother, sister, daughter, or best friend. It’s a wonderful experience that will leave you reeling with excitement and confidence, and one that you will cherish for a lifetime.

This is an exclusive and limited event with only 10 seats available

Cost: $105 ($10 discount for registration before 5/1)

Registration must be made in advance, secure your spot in this exclusive, live event:
RSVP: 732-359-8263,



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