A 12-week program for ambitious go-getters to gain clarity on your purpose, next steps, and clear the blocks to get you there.

What have you always wanted to do, be, or create in your life?

What has been holding you back from having the life you want?


If you’ve been feeling stuck – and you’re ready to make a change – I can help.

It’s time to step into the driver’s seat, and design a life you LOVE. (You may just need a little loving guidance to help you get there.)

Who You Are:

An ambitious woman with an entrepreneurial spirit who tends to take on too much… and ends up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure of your next step to take. You’ve got passions and ambitions that get your heart racing, now you just need to know how to make them happen (while rocking a fantastic work/life balance too).

What’s Not Working For You:

You feel super enthusiastic about your passions but no matter what you do, stress just seems to find it’s way in. When feeling stressed out, you really aren’t sure which direction to turn next and inevitably don’t do anything (even though you really want to), because you are feeling frozen in stress or uncertainty. You are ready to move forward in the direction of making your dreams a reality but just need a little lovin’ guidance to get there.

What You Need Most Right Now:

A magic wand. But really, to have more clarity–a clear and defined path with which to move forward in your intention would be divine. Even better than that would be discovering your purpose, what it is that you are meant to do in the world. Finally, the cherry on top of the cake would be to have full control in balancing it all out–having a business and life you love on your own terms.

Together We Will:


  • Identify the blocks & obstacles that have been getting in your way
  • Get clear about your vision & mission
  • Define your purpose & unique gift to the world
  • Illuminate your path to creating a life that you love
  • Strategize a clear step-by-step plan to making “it” happen
  • Learn to take consistent action & stay accountable to your goals
  • Learn to confidently embrace the changes you need to live your ideal life

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Where Do You Want to Be 3 Months from Today?

Imagine yourself 3 months from today feeling as if the fog has finally lifted and the skies are clear for you.

You are in the driver’s seat.

You feel clear about your vision for the life you want. You feel driven by your mission in the world and most of all: connected to your purpose in the world.
You are living each day on your own terms. You feel fulfilled and abundant in the lifestyle you have designed for yourself. You are lit up by finally living the life you were meant to lead.
Best of all: You have proven to yourself that you can do this.  

Finally. This is the time where you’ve committed each day to living your purpose and staying accountable to take massive action in your life.

Are You Ready? 




  • Get rid of overwhelm and kick limiting beliefs to the curb
  • Identify mental blocks & any obstacles in your way
  • Rewire your mind for freedom
  • Learn to feel the fear and do it anyway


  • Get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like
  • Gain clarity on your vision
  • Paint a picture of your work/life balance
  • Visualize your ideal day


  • It’s time to live each day in direct alignment with your reason for being
  • Discover and own your strengths
  • Step into the empowered woman that you are
  • Learn how to live each day with purpose


  • Our goal will be to design a life that gives you more freedom
  • Create a schedule that has you happy about Monday
  • Map out each month, nearly a year ahead of time
  • Create a life focused on how you want to feel (instead of what you think you should be doing)


  • Now that we know where you are headed, you will sketch out a roadmap to get you there
  • Feeling clear and confident about the future
  • Visualizing a path of white cobblestones to walk along every month
  • Creating lasting change


  • Create the exact steps you need to take consistent action aligned with your lifestyle vision
  • Let your desires & intentions propel you forward on your path
  • Take consistent & disciplined action
  • Stay accountable to your vision (Remember: The life you want also wants you.)


  • Our focus will be on living life in abundance and with the freedom of knowing you’ve arrived
  • Get super clear about what’s working
  • Learn to live a life of flow
  • Feel excited about the next chapters in your journey

Make Lasting Change In Your Life


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What’s included in Your Coaching Program?

In The Clarity Coaching Program, we work together weekly to get you on track and speeding through the process of living life on your own terms. Together we work on each assignment, giving you the crucial feedback and tools you’ll need to get moving quickly.
Together, we will work on developing small shifts that give you BIG results on your journey to a life you love.

The Clarity Coaching Program Includes:

  • Detailed Welcome Packet specifically created to focus on your goals and vision so that our time together is laser-focused on getting you the results you want
  • Initial 75 minute Goal Mapping Coaching Session* to get super clear about your true desires and the fuel that inspires you every day
  • 11 – 50 minute Weekly Coaching Calls* to keep you motivated and on track to achieving your goals
  • Unlimited Email Support – Feel free to send me questions, materials to review, or anything else you need support during our time coaching together
  • Weekly Action Plans to help you stay accountable to moving forward toward achieving your goals
  • Your Personalized Toolkit–including resources, referrals, recommendations, and recommendations for books or other supplementary tools specifically tailored to our work together
  • Invitation to our private Inspired Living Lounge Facebook Group filled with inspired & ambitious women just like you
  • BONUS Follow-up Session later in the year to make sure you’re on the right track
*All sessions conducted via phone or Skype.


This is it!

Ready for the transformation of a lifetime?!
Let’s take this journey together…



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Meet Clients Who Have Worked With Me To Create Their Own Transformation…

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“Working with Bailey has has given me the courage to start making some big changes in my life.  We worked together to dream up my ideal lifestyle and Bailey was the one who pushed me to realize that all of this is possible and more.  She taught me that getting my toes wet and taking small steps towards my dreams everyday is what leads to major growth.  I have a new found clarity about what I want and a roadmap of how to make it happen.
Before working with Bailey, I was stuck in a cycle of fear and “perfection paralysis”.  I was scared to make any changes in my life because I was always worried about whether I would measure up to my own high expectations, so I stalled and did nothing instead.  Once we started working together in the Inspired Living program I realized that these unrealistic expectations were holding me back.  If I wanted to become “unstuck” all I needed to do was reframe my thoughts and determine why I wanted to make these changes.  Allowing myself the space to make one small change at a time was huge- this is how all great changes are made!  Once I started moving in the direction of my goals my vision became clear.”
-Julie O’Brien, Holistic Health Coach at KissesandKale.com
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“Bailey has a unique and brilliant way of showing you how awesome you are, and making it easy to see how you will succeed – it’s so empowering to have someone who can see your power and strengths, and even more wonderful to have her help you craft a plan to use them, a plan that works for YOU. Working with Bailey is such a pleasure, and gave me the clarity I needed about my own skills and how I’d best use them to reach my goals – thank you so much Bailey!
-Mariska Andersen, PhD, writer and coach at MariskaAnderson.com
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“In working with Bailey, I’m learning to manage the ‘overwhelming’ feeling I get with all of the tasks that I take on. Before working with Bailey, I didn’t have a way to manage the many tasks. I had used google calendar, but didn’t find the satisfaction that I found with writing out my list of to-dos every morning and then ticking them off as the day wore on. The 3 most significant improvements I’ve experienced with our coaching have been: Accountability when speaking weekly, Roadmap – I was able to clarify my goals and desires. I was able to even create a roadmap! And Direction – I feel incredibly more focused and purposeful now that I’ve created a roadmap.”
– Gayatri Bahl Patel, multi-passionate entrepreneur and actress at GayatriBahl.com and BasicBranding.com





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“I realized I did not have a clue about what I actually wanted for myself or what would actually make me happy as a human being. I realized I have been so caught up with surviving as a single Mom, that I have completely disregarded “Me”. No wonder I felt so lost and no wonder I have not been able to engage in a healthy relationship.
Bailey has helped me find clarity. I am so happy I met her. It could not have been at a better time in my life. I really needed it.”
– Nancy Cruz [Puerto Rico]

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“Before working with Bailey, I was over stressed and had become insomniac. I wanted more fun in my life and to focus much more on self-care, while I was building my business. I was intrigued by the principle of living life at your terms, everyday.
The best thing about working with Bailey is her capacity to reframe all of your stories into clear insights and advice that takes you to another level. Her humor and soft way of coaching makes you feel very comfortable to be open with her about your current life situations, fears, beliefs. I also often felt that, despite my stories, for Bailey I was… normal. That eased my mind and gave me courage to take things in hand instead of tapping on my head and not doing anything. I always looked forward to talk to her!”
– Katie Van De Vijver, Coach for Expat Spouses at KatieVanDeVijver.com


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