When it comes to designing the life we want, most people fall into 1 of 2 camps:
1 – I know exactly what I want (but how do I get it?)
2 – I’m feeling a little foggy (I’m not sure f what I want but it’s not where I am now)
I’ve shared with you that I definitely started off as a #2, unsure of what I wanted but definitely feeling stuck and unable to move forward. And while you might know that my shift from full-time therapist to full-time coach happened 3 years ago, what you might not know is WHY that happened.
Enter in my friend, Caroline Zwickson interestingly enough, Caroline and I met three years ago, at the beginning of my shift toward coaching (and as you will learn in this new interview—my shift to a WHOLE new way of living).
Most people also don’t know that it took my hubby and I nearly 2 years to start a family (here’s more on that story…including the shaman?!!)
I don’t want to get ahead of myself or spoil the interview but when Caroline asked me to be a guest on The Fertile Life to talk about how I used lifestyle design to get ready to have a baby, I was excited to bring in a fresh perspective. When we think of giving birth we often think about babies.
But the truth is: before you can birth a baby (human baby or your business baby), you’ve got to get clear about how you want to design your life first.
So, whether you are thinking about starting a family OR starting a business, click here to listen in on what it takes to design a life where you feel confident to make ANYTHING happen!!


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