Flashing back to 2012…I hated Mondays.

In my mind, Tuesday ought to have been called, ‘Monday Part 2.’

Wednesday I was still holding my breath.

On Thursday, I began to slowly exhale (while counting exactly how many hours I had until Friday afternoon).

The by Friday, I would be fantasizing about all the amazing things I could do with my nearly 48 hours of time before Monday rolled around again.

Sound like you too?

Well, it’s dreadful.

Why shouldn’t we all be excited about Monday? Why shouldn’t we live lives and work jobs that we are excited about…that we feel fulfilled in?

When I got sick of waiting for Friday is when I finally made the changes in my life that I needed to make in order to start living the life I deserved.

Now, I love Mondays…really, truly, “scouts honor” LOVE Mondays.

I love living my life feeling ablaze with passion for my career and the good that I do in the world. I look forward to every day because I’m living life on my own terms and it is my goal to help you do the same.

Here’s What To Do Next:

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