I went to yoga this morning, as we laid on our mats, I started to feel really guilty about being in class. My mind started talking shit…
“You should be working…”
“You should be spending time with Phoebe…”
“You’ve got to get started on your new video series…”
“How are you going to have success in your business if you’re not working…”

Of course I started to feel annoyed with myself, thinking…

“Really? You finally take time for yoga and you’re thinking about work?”
“How are you going to relax if you are thinking about your FB Ad campaign…”
“You talk a good game about work/life balance but you aren’t even enjoying yoga right now…”

All I wanted to say was SHUT-UP.


And then the instructor cued the class for a handstand, as I put my hands to the ground and tried to kick my legs up, I had a silent doubt in my mind…

“You just had a baby…”
“You’ve never done a handstand by yourself before, why today?”
“You are going to fall over…”

I would love to tell you that I miraculously and beautifully flew right up into my handstand but that didn’t happen.

Nothing happened.

I didn’t fall, I didn’t fail, I didn’t succeed, I didn’t look awesome, I didn’t feel victorious, nothing happened.

Nothing happened because I didn’t do anything.

I put my hands on the mat, gave a half-assed attempt at kicking my legs in the air and NOTHING HAPPENED.

Nothing happened because I didn’t try. I didn’t make any attempt, I was stuck in “my story.”

What we are able to do, and not able to do has everything to do with the story that we tell ourselves.

As the saying goes, whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. The truth is that everything we are able to accomplish and everything we are held back by is all a matter of the story we are telling ourselves.

Humbled by my realization, I sat on my mat for a moment and asked myself, “What do I need?”

What do I need to make it happen or at least try to make it happen. I knew I wasn’t giving it my 100% effort because I was afraid to fall. I was afraid to get hurt, I was afraid to fail. But what if I wasn’t afraid? What if I was able to get exactly what I needed to accomplish my goal?

So, I stood up and positioned myself near the wall, I kicked up into my handstand and landed it on my first “new” attempt.

Often we are very quick to be ourselves up about what we can’t do. But until we ask for what we need, we are never going to be satisfied even if we accomplish our biggest goals will never feel like it’s enough.

In the comments below, I would love to hear from you–what’s the story that’s been holding you back? Where do you get stuck? 


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