How’s your plate been feeling, pretty full or spilling over? Transitions, especially from corporate to your dream career or new business are so stinkin’ exciting, especially when you are taking steps forward to make it happen, woo hoo!!

The flipside is that transitions can also be scary as hell. They can bring up all sorts of fear, panic, worry, and stress. We begin to question the path we are on, we question our dreams, goals, and ambitions. And, often that once clear picture of, “Yes! This is what I want,” get so stinkin’ murky once overwhelm shows up. UGH!!Getting into that overwhelm zone just sucks. It can bring up all sorts of crap: resistance, fear, hesitation…the list goes on. Once overwhelm sets in, it’s like the kryptonite of the ambitious woman, completely freezing us from moving forward.

The truth is that all that crap is actually a good thing…what?! Really, it’s true. The reason why is because when it’s scary, it pushes us to grow, expand, and truly step into our potential. [Tweet it!!] Once that panic point sets in, it is actually a good sign that we are on the precipice of something really good, delicious in fact!


The goal is to put you back in the driver’s seat.


Stress in life can be considered inevitable but if you feel like you are in control and behind the wheel, there’s nothing you can’t handle.In the comments below, I’d love to know: What’s been stressing you out these days? I’ve created a new 4 week program to help you step into your freedom and living life on your own terms:



If your what-if’s, doubts, or excuses aren’t working for you anymore then it’s time to go from Fear to Freedom. It’s time to be free of all that junk/gunk that’s been holding you back and keeping you playing small.


Because playing small isn’t serving you, it’s not leading you to your dreams, or making you feel fulfilled. Playing small just keeps you stuck. Instead of keeping your hopes, dreams, and desires on the shelf, I invite you to dream a bigger dream [Tweet it!].

It’s about creating beliefs that will get you there. The Fear to Freedom program is the perfect foundation to your next big idea, transformation, or leap. Let’s do it!


It’s all been waiting for you—are you ready to live your abundant life?


For less than a single coaching session (really? Yup, really.), you can have 4 weeks of wisdom sent straight to your inbox.

I’ll be your guide and connected resource in the next four weeks to help you escape stress and overwhelm and break through to living life on your own terms.

Just $129

Looking to go deeper?

In addition to the 4 week program, add a 1:1, 75 minute Goal Mapping session for $273

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