Making The Shift > Comparison to Possibility

Mindrise Coach, Danielle Ford

Last week I invited a friend to come to yoga with me. My friend politely thanked me for the invitation but declined with an added “I’m not good at yoga”. I replied “there’s no such thing, that’s why they call it a practice” 

Ironically when the point of class came to do inversions, I was in awe of the person next to me who so effortlessly was in a headstand. I literally think she floated into into, while I was laying there getting cozy in a waterfall. 

Then my own words hit me like a ton of bricks. Yoga is a practice, and just because my practice doesn’t yet include a handstand, doesn’t mean it never will. And even if it never happens, that’s okay too. It took a moment of mindfulness and a perspective shift to come to a conclusion I already knew. Comparing myself to others won’t get me any closer to a handstand and in fact all it was doing was taking me out of the moment and out of my own flow.  

It filled me with great joy to take a moment and appreciate the abilities of others in the class. In fact, it opened my eyes to so many possibilities for me and for everyone else in the class. And if I wasn’t excited by that, I’d probably have to have stayed on my mat a little longer.

When you look at those around you and see their accomplishments, keep in mind you may be seeing them at the top of the mountain of success. You also might be seeing them just two steps ahead of you. 

Rather than following into the compare, despair trap, try flipping that on its head. 

>> Look at what others have achieved as a motivator for you to continue on your path. Look at what others are able to do as a possibility for you too. The happiness, success, good fortune, love and dreams you desire are already inside of you. What are you going to do today to get yourself one step closer to that goal? 

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