In this episode, Bailey interviews Sensei Victoria Whitfield, the world’s first Business Reiki Master, a published author, and a successful energy healer. They talk about regaining the connection with your humanity, finding alignment, and how to connect with your senses.

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In this world of productivity and technology worship, losing your humanity can be easier than you might think. People have become used to ignoring their mental and physical health when they’re at work and their ability to achieve in the workplace becomes a part of their identity. Sensei Victoria Whitfield proposes a great way to get out of this mindset, which is connecting to your sensuality.

This refers to being more aware of the information provided by your senses. This allows you to be more present, set an example as a leader, and it will fuel your creativity and innovation abilities. Sensei Victoria also talks about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and owning the power that you have to make decisions. She remarks on the importance of alignment and self-calibration and how achieving this is key to conquer indecision and confusion. The overall goal is connecting back with your humanity!

Key Takeaways

  • A disembodiment process takes place at work, where you often become part of a larger machine and forget about your personal health.
  • The prevalent utilitarian mindset leads to people feeling like their worthiness derives from their use value rather than an intrinsic sense of worth.
  • Technology often becomes a comfort, to the point in which part of our humanity is lost as we focus on fixing things instead of learning from our experiences.
  • Meditation is about being relaxed and focused instead of trying to maintain tight control.
  • The best leaders are self-aware and by being so, they encourage those within their sphere to do the same.
  • Perception of your surroundings leads to increased creativity and innovation.
  • Everything that you want is just outside of your comfort zone.


About Victoria Whitfield

Sensei Victoria Whitfield is an energy healer, the world’s first Business Reiki Master, a published author, and the hostess of the Journeypreneur podcast. She works with business leaders to help them heal and connect with their natural intuition. This helps them heal themselves, their teams, and the world. 


In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to Victoria Whitfield to The Mindrise Podcast.
  • (03:44) How Victoria found her path to meditation and reiki practice after a traumatic work experience. 
  • (12:02) Why people stay in bad work situations even when it endangers their mental health.
  • (17:05) Productivity often becomes the face of our identity.
  • (20:56) Treating ourselves as machines and losing sight of our emotional range. 
  • (25:21) Sensuality as connection with the five senses and a bridge to our humanity.
  • (30:47) Reaching a deeper level of communication with others.
  • (35:16) Sensuality as the base of innovation and creativity.
  • (37:22) The benefits of going outside your comfort zone. 
  • (40:43) Using meditation for self-alignment and self-calibration.
  • (43:18) Accepting the power to make your own decisions.


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