In this special episode, the tables have turned! Mindrise Coach Cayla Brewton interviews Bailey, the founder of Mindrise. They talk about what led Bailey to found Mindrise, how she had to rewire her mind to find her true purpose, and the future of Mindrise and the Mindrise Collective.


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Realizing what you’ve been working on for 30 years is not what you truly want can be a terrifying thought. Bailey Frumen, founder of Mindrise, experienced just that, and after a lot of struggle she decided to make the changes she needed to find her true purpose. Today, she can proudly say to anyone who asks “I love what I do.” 

In this episode, fellow Mindrise Coach Cayla interviews Bailey to find out more about the road that brought her here. Bailey talks about her personal experiences and how she used her education as a psychotherapist to develop the core structure of what Mindrise is today. They also talk about how the business has grown in an entirely organic way and how Bailey built Mindrise around the things she enjoys in life instead of building her life around her business.

About Bailey Frumen

Bailey is a life coach, psychotherapist, the author of “Own Your Power”, and the founder of Mindrise. She wants to guide others in the process of elevating their lives and creating the life they love. Bailey also provides life+leadership coach training, giving others a clear roadmap to becoming a certified coach.

Key Takeaways

  • You can complete the checklist you had for your life and find out it isn’t what you wanted.
  • It’s key to take the time to look inside yourself and understand what your purpose is. No one can do it for you.
  • When looking at a problem in your life, take inventory first of where you are and what the next step is.
  • Big changes can be overwhelming, which is why the best approach is to take it piece by piece, step by step.
  • Our goals look a lot different after we’ve worked on ourselves and faced our truths.
  • There is true power in asking yourself “what else is possible?”

In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to The Mindrise Podcast!
  • (02:42) How the Mindrise Podcast came to be.
  • (06:39) How Bailey realized what she had worked for her whole life wasn’t what she really wanted.
  • (13:37) The anxiety Bailey faced and the solutions she looked for trying to avoid facing her truth. 
  • (18:34) The principles that helped Bailey save her life and that are the core of Mindrise.
  • (24:18) Mindrise is built and designed to help people elevate their lives.
  • (28:36) How Bailey’s goals and life changed after she rewired her mind and identified the things that would bring her true happiness.
  • (35:50) The next steps for Mindrise and the Mindrise Collective.
  • (38:56) Why you should never dim your life, no matter what.


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