Who’s busy? RAISE your hand…I’m holding both hands up right now–we’re half-way into 2021, people are already talking about plans for 2022, and I’m pretty sure last week was January. Where has the time gone? We got really used to being busy pre-pandemic…then we got used to making ourselves busy during the pandemic…AND we made promises to ourselves that we would stay balanced as we re-entered “post-pandemic” life. How’s your balance coming along? I know mine feels like I hopped back on a treadmill… listen to this latest blog post from Mindrise Coach Danielle on how’s she’s taking back her “busy-ness”…

Minding My Own Busyness

by Mindrise Coach, Danielle Ford

The end of June officially marks the halfway point through 2021 – my first thought was “where has the time gone?!” So I decided to sit and reflect on the first half of the year. 


Where did the time go? When & where did I show up as my best (and when didn’t I)? What progress have I made towards my goals? What’s left on my bucket list for the year? Where can I course-correct? What am I most proud of and grateful for? The list goes on…


One of the biggest realizations was how busy I’ve been since the world began “re-opening”.  In the last few months, I’ve been spreading myself thin a little more often than I’d like. While I love having a full plate, a full social calendar and a life that’s full of adventure, I’ve definitely been missing a little solitude. 

Danielle FordStarting this moment, I’m committing to minding (& managing) my busyness in a way that works best for me. That might look like an extra yoga class this week, investing my healing with acupuncture or a massage, a walk on the beach, or pausing for some extra reflection time each day to keep myself centered and present.


It’s okay to feel off course, too busy, or like you’ve neglected your goals a bit. The important thing is recognizing it and getting back on track. Decide how you want to show up and put your plan in action! 


Have you reflected on the first half of the year? Are you feeling overwhelmed or a little off center? We’re here to help get you back on track and would love to hear from you!