Mindrise Mastermind

Elevate Yourself, Make Your Impact


An Elevated Experience for Elevated Leadership

  • You want the next level
  • You're tired of grinding and feeling exhausted
  • You want to crush it at work AND at home
  • You know you are ready for something more but don't want to burnout getting there
  • You're tired of feeling stressed by doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results

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In the Mindrise Mastermind experience, you are surrounded with likeminded high-achievers who can’t bother with complacency and want more:

  • Develop a trusted board of advisors that keep you accountable to personal and professional growth
  • Learn the skills you need to communicate well, lead with confidence, and build fulfilling relationships
  • Plan next-level strategy and focus on setting both your short-term + long-term goals
  • You'll experience faster growth by spending your focus on best practices and getting feedback in real-time
  • Live-Virtual sessions that works for your schedule so you can maximize your time + flexibility


“A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.” -Napoleon Hill

The Mindrise Mastermind offer a blend of education, brainstorming, support, and peer accountability in an intimate group setting. Because of the need for growth, the mastermind group members commit to meeting regularly with the aim to discuss careers, business goals, and work/life balance.


At each monthly session, the Mindrise Mastermind process involves creating goals and designing plans to achieve the goal. We work on creative ideas about business, entrepreneurship, and effective decision-making skills. As the members implement their plans, they are invited to share their success stories, setbacks, and issues with the group.

This is your opportunity to play bigger, achieve more, and finally feel a sense of confident satisfaction about your goals and plans ahead.

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