Mindrise Podcast

Eva Evers

Ancestral Ceremony Masterclass with Eva Evers

In this episode, Bailey interviews Eva Evers, the founder of Vaaiga, a plant medicine company, to talk about a new…

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Gervase Kolmos

How to Get Into a Relationship With Yourself with Gervase Kolmos

In this episode, Bailey welcomes back Gervase Kolmos, an intuitive mindset coach and hypnotherapist. Bailey and Gervase…

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MINDRISE Raw Conversations

Mindrise RAW Conversations Series with Summer Deaver

The Mindrise RAW Conversations Series is a special 3 part series, featuring a raw, vulnerable, deep and meaningful…

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Carrie Friedberg

Taking Responsibility For Your Finances with Carrie Friedberg

In this episode, Bailey interviews Carrie Friedberg, a money coach who helps people find balance and have control over…

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Melanie Joy

Bringing Ourselves Back to Balance in the Face of a Patriarchal Culture with Melanie Joy

In this episode, Bailey interviews Melanie Joy, a coach who helps people tap into their inner selves, heal their Inner…

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Veronica Grant

How To Be Emotionally Available For The Relationship You Want with Veronica Grant

In this episode, Bailey interviews Veronica Grant, a Love-Life Coach who hosts the popular Love Life Connection…

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Rachel Pesso

Creating a Brand That is 100% You with Rachel Pesso

In this episode, Bailey interviews Rachel Pesso, a brand storyteller, designer, and art director. She designs beautiful…

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Kimberly Pendleton

Intimacy, Pleasure and Entrepreneurship with Kimberly Pendleton

In this episode, Bailey interviews Dr Kimberly Pendleton, a PhD is a high performance intimacy and leadership coach for…

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A Community For Women to Thrive with Jennifer Tuma-Young and Jessica Varian Maldonado

In this episode, Bailey interviews Jennifer Tuma-Young the founder of Inspired Girl Enterprises and Co-Founder of…

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Jackie Dragone

Staying Well for All of Life with Jackie Dragone

In this episode, Bailey interviews Jackie Dragone, a fitness professional who created a simple method, based on her 10…

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