The Mindrise RAW Conversations Series is a special 3 part series, featuring a raw, vulnerable, deep and meaningful conversation with a dear friend of the house, Summer Deaver.

Bailey and Summer tackle several topics connected to their professional lives, their personal life and some changes they have personally experienced after the pandemic situation.

Buckle up for a journey around following your intuition, taking responsibility for your decisions, being able to explore all the things we need to learn from, and creating the reality you want to experiment with.


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Intuition & Responsibility

Part 1

In this first episode of the series, Bailey describes the purpose behind the Mindrise podcast and how she is committed to bringing up guests who can provide new perspectives to different matters.

Furthermore, Bailey and Summer reveal the way they met and how important it was the way their relationship evolved. They discuss the relevance of hearing your own intuition to make choices, whether dealing with personal things or job-related issues. Both agree that balance between intuition and commitment is crucial to develop health habits and showing up for yourself every day, especially when it comes to work expectations.

Finally, they exchange ideas about the concepts of blame and responsibility that generally invade us when we are dealing with work changes or evolution. We need to take full responsibility for our actions and imprint that on the things we do and how we show up in front of others.


Life After The Pandemic

Part 2

In the 2nd episode of the 3-part series from the Raw Conversations Series, Bailey and Summer Deaver have a truthful and open conversation about the future of business and our new reality after the pandemic situation. They discuss the new scenario and where work is going. Plus, they will help you see and have a better understanding of what creating our own reality implies and how it affects the way we interact with each other.

After the pandemic, the world of business shifted, and it is still quite confusing to see the whole panorama. They talk about the current ideas and concepts that became the core of this new era; how businesses are going back to finding connections. These changes are not just at a professional level, there is a deep personal change in people, so it seems almost impossible not to embrace it and start building our realities from that new perspective.

What are we supposed to do? And what is the role of AI in all this? Bailey and Summer introduce the concept of Artificial Intelligence and how it can or might influence our lives. They open a different path to start questioning the value of technology and machines, and whether they are necessary to evolve as human beings or not.

Finally, they invite us to think about our narratives, the realities we create as we explore life. They believe that curiosity is a powerful catalyst to build your reality and live your life the way you decide to do it, having the chance to explore and learn from the “I” and not from another person’s narrative.


Transitioning and Evolving

Part 3

In this final episode, they talk about the future of the world, what it means to transition and expand ourselves to be aligned to what we want to experience and learn. Finally, they also discuss the benefits of evolving from a positive perspective vs experimenting from a place of pain.

This new social reality forces us to see ourselves from a different angle and to go deeper into what we believe and want. Bailey and Summer walk us through their personal and professional experiences as regards what it is like to leave space to explore new things and connect with different people to have honest relationships.  It is important to find the time to think, evaluate and make decisions based on what we want to experiment with and how we want to feel about them.


About Summer Deaver

Summer Deaver, E-RYT 500, E-RPYT is a creative community organizer, leader and teacher who has over two decades of experience leading diverse groups of people in life altering transformation through awareness practices.

Summer has worked in the nonprofit sector bringing yoga and mindfulness to marginalized communities, incarcerated youth and public education. She has trained hundreds of yoga and mindfulness teachers, who work all over the world to support the awakening of consciousness.

Summer is truly a teacher’s teacher and leads with compassion for the human conditions, while advocating for environmental regeneration and social justice. Building trauma informed, inclusive communities is her forte.

Summer believes fervently in the power of true presence, and brings daring, loving kindness to her work and mentorship with community members and professionals of all kinds.


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