Welcome to the next level of you–this Transformational Tool Kit has been designed as a game changer, this is your opportunity to play a bigger game in your life. This is your change to make your move, take the leap, pivot, and SHINE your light.

No more waiting, the time is now.


Stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty are over. It’s time for transformation, clarity, and getting your EXACT roadmap to moving forward. Consider your days of “I don’t know” over, now is the time to take action and we’ve got all the tools right here to help you. *PLUS we’ve got your back, be sure to connect with your Mindrise Coach and book your Breakthrough Session now!



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It can be challenging to embrace change but here is your opportunity for shift–hopefully this webinar allows you to feel supported in putting scaffolding into your days and weeks ahead.


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Letting go doesn’t mean you hang onto your old story but rather learn how to re-write the story you’ve been telling yourself–and that ain’t easy!


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Dealing with transition and change can feel triggering, challenging and shut us down–definitely not our best self. In today’s webinar, we share tools to help you to decrease stress and experience change with grace, ease, and confidence


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What are the stories that you’ve been telling yourself? How we talk to ourselves is the mainframe in determining our actions. To fire our fears, we need to check in on the stories that are holding us back.


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Does making decisions stress you out? Do you feel uncertain, overwhelmed, or paralyzed and how to move forward? We are talking about a five step process to feeling empowered in your decision making.


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We are talking about how to create the recipe of you, how to slow down, and how we will be recalibrating all this month preparing to design your new normal.


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Do you struggle with designing your “new normal?” Are you looking at all the changes around you and feeling uncertain about how to move forward? Do you feel like you don’t even know where to begin when it comes to designing your life?





Life is about to change. Picture this: never getting in your own way again, having a clear set of tools to help you get through ANYTHING, the support of a coach and mentor who is going to be your PLUS ONE in designing the roadmap that takes you from uncertainty to confidence + clarity.