It started off warm, cozy, and rather delightfully familiar. Any date that begins with a yoga class, I was sure we were a match made in heaven. Mastin talked about his life journey and love for Kundalini yoga, in fact, he brought his favorite instructor, Sat Siri, along for our date. Sat Siri was a delight, kind, gentle, and caring, everything he promised her to be. She led us through a Kundalini practice that was deeply transformative. I practically saw magical fairy dust emanating from my body (or perhaps it was just stress taking a mass exodus!). I’ve been a therapist for years but shifting my work to create a coaching practice for lifestyle design has brought on a bit of stress. Don’t worry, it’s the good kind–lots to anticipate, all good things coming my way but a little bit scared shitless that I won’t quite be receiving a consistent paycheck.

So, back to my date…our Kundalini practice was amazing, truly restorative, then kind Mastin Kipp asked if I wanted to try something s little out of the box. I thought it to be a bit forward of him on a first date but thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Mastin cautioned that it might be a bit painful but it was a meditative practice that would take us to a higher, and more deeper connected level.

Quite bold, dear Mastin, didn’t you know I am a married woman! We proceeded to stretch out our arms, claw our fingers and vigorously waive up & down for 9 minutes. It could have been 2 minutes or 3 hours because just as Mastin promised, I magically connected to a higher state of being, no pain, no discomfort. Instead, I felt a deep sense of relief. I felt as thought I was clawing my way out from the self-doubt I have been feeling about my new venture and all I could hear was–YES!

Yes, I wanted to create a life that I could define on my own terms.
Yes, I wanted to feel happy & fulfilled.
Yes, I was ready to let go of guilt.
Yes, I wanted to travel and launch a successful business showing women a clear path to their purpose.
Oh HELL YES, I found my purpose and I was ready!


Then shit got real. Mastin talked about the journey of fear and how fear is truly a compass showing us the right direction we need to go. He asked me if I ever talk to my heart. Hmmm, well, I talk to my brain and I’ve recently been getting acquainted with that ‘third eye chakra’ everyone’s talking about (the bundas are elusive but that’s another story for another day). Have I spoken to my heart?

Have I spoken to my heart? I’ve heard it all–my truth, my passion, my authenticity, but my heart? I think she might have gotten neglected along the way. Mastin guided us through the heart process. Very often, our brains speak so loudly that we can’t hear the little whisper of a voice when our heart is trying to speak. We often listen to the “have-to-do’s,” the “you-should-do’s” but rarely do we give space to the divine seat of our soul, our heart.

Our heart leads us to listen to our feelings, truth, and purpose. With my hands to my heart, I saw and asked her how she was feeling. She said, “I’m a little scared shitless.” I was glad we were on the same page, then I asked her, “What should we do?” She paused for a moment and responded, “I think we should forge ahead. We might be a bit scared but the outcome is going to rock!” As I listened, she became emboldened, her voice grew louder, more vivacious and radiant. My brain thought, oh hell yes, girlfriend!

She said be patient, she told me to hustle but slow down, it’s a journey and it will all unfold in time. She went as far as painting me a picture of life 6 months from now, a year, 5 years, even 10 years, and the abundance that this path will bring. Turns out, I wasn’t on a date with Mastin but with my soulmate, my heart.

Have you talked to your heart? What did she say?


Nearly midnight, exhausted but exuberant!

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