Do you ever feel like your message and mission are bigger than you? That you are meant for something big. It’s a responsibility. I began feeling this responsibility on a whole different level after having my daughter, knowing that the ripple effect I created would always include her. It inspired me to live my life better.
To talk to myself better.
To treat myself better.
To be kinder to myself.

Read my journal entry below, An Open Letter to Myself on My Birthday…


Today is my birthday–I am 35 years old. In this birth-day, in this moment and with intention, stepping into this year, I am feeling grounded, supported, fortified with faith and believe in my next steps in my marriage, my family, my business, my friendships, my voice, and how I show up in the world.

I believe in my unlimited potential and I believe that all of the work I have been doing to center myself, care for myself, and go within are starting to show me the results of my efforts and intentions. Often when we begin the work, I find that the result doesn’t look like much. Causing us to feel discouraged or doubt that we are on the right path. But it is through the right efforts, consistently over time that we get the results that we want.

To know what those right efforts are is to start to clear the chatter in our mind, begin to learn how to listen to your inner guide–our intuition. And to do that, we must create space in our lives to start listening to ourselves. Just start asking ourselves the questions we need in order to grow.

It’s funny, and the last few weeks, I’ve been asked about some of my next steps–“Will we have another baby?” “When will I write my next book?” I am sure I am only receiving these questions because they are in my energy, on my mind, sitting somewhere asking for my attention.

Interestingly enough, and for the first time, I am not pressuring myself to have the exact answer, right at this very moment. Instead, even without asking myself (and I believe it’s because I have been doing the internal work) I have a trust, faith, and almost eagerness of letting the answers unfold for me. Not without effort on my part but instead a trusting that everything is happening for me. And so much of that has come from treating myself better.

I trust that in the next year, we will either decide to add it to our family and have another baby or we will come to a place of peace that is ‘this is what our family looks like.’

I trust that my next book is on its way to me–Even as I write this, I can see that my own voice has shifted and changed. Perhaps a new level, the deeper unfolding of wisdom.

As I step into my 35th year, I hope to continue practicing compassion for myself first, knowing that it is the only way I can give it to anyone else. I also want to take with me into my 35th year and exhale of trust that I can continue to have the power to ground and center myself. And that through this grounding, there will be a faith and fearlessness that will arise and fortify me in doing the work I am meant to do.

With love,



I’ve been doing the work and when I sat down to write in my journal on my birthday, I thought to share the letter I wrote to myself because maybe you need to hear it too.

Sometimes we wait for others to give us affirmation. To pat us on the back and tell us that we are doing a good job. This makes our worthiness and satisfaction in ourself directly tied to someone else’s approval. It also makes us forget to take care of ourselves. This year, this life is about me. I trust that the way I treat myself will benefit everyone around me.

You need to do this too.

Stop seeking approval. Stop trying to make sure that everyone is OK. Trust that everyone is better when you take care of yourself first. Don’t wait for your birthday, start today.

Happy (early or belated) birthday to you <3


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