Having it all figured out is bullsh*t. We look around at everyone around us or endlessly scroll social media comparing ourselves to others. Whether in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond…whether in our work, relationships, health…we constantly measure ourselves against others. We watch and look, telling ourselves that somehow others have it more figured out than ourselves. But we don’t, none of us do. Be curious, be open, see what is going to happen next. Enjoy this latest blog post from Mindrise Coach, Cayla Brewton, on her journey of accepting that it’s okay to be figuring it out….


Not Having it all Figured Out

by Cayla Brewton, Mindrise Coach


We get to create and recreate our identity in this life. Become whoever we want and release anything that no longer serves us.

Yes, there can be some overwhelm, and I’m sure some of us would much rather have someone tell us what to do, or who to be, giving us all of the answers because that’s ‘easier’, but I think that is our whole purpose in this lifetime, to simply live, to stop searching for what is next. 

For the past 4 or more years I had been in the motion of making my dreams a reality. Attending College, completing my Life Coach Certification, working part time and finally stepping into my career. But here is what they don’t prepare you for. 

The moments that follow all of that hard work, commitment, structure & direction. When you officially take the driver’s seat of your life. There is no schedule, syllabus, or of set rules on this next chapter in life. 

We go from a strict routine of what time we have to go to bed, wake up for class, make it to work and when to hand in the next assignment, to not a single set of guidelines.

We arrive at this place where we’re behind the steering wheel, tank full of gas and an open road…

Here’s the catch, there is no GPS, no map.

We get to choose what direction we will go in. I am not kidding when I say, it is NOT easy. To achieve what was essentially a five year plan and finally be in the place I’ve talked about being for years! 

The necessary steps to achieve my goals of becoming a Life Coach, Studying Psychology, and even many years of waitressing late nights, is who I identified myself as. 

At that point, the target I was aiming at was clear as day and I knew exactly what to do to hit the bullseye.

Naturally I began to ask myself, Who Am I? 

Who am I without school? Who am I without the work to get certified? The things that once filled my schedule no longer existed in my life as I was able to label them as complete. 

This phase in my life is one that I know many will and have faced. It’s the first time we get to call the shots, we create the routine, and the day we want, there’s no one to answer to, and nobody grading your progress. 

Powerful yet intimidating right? Yep, I get it. But if anyone knows how to make things happen, to bring you to the next level of your life, it’s yourself! 


So be easy on yourself.


You don’t have to have it all figured out and quite frankly, we never will. Because isn’t that the point of this whole human experience? To live, to figure it out as we go, to be open to what is next for you. 

It’s a nerve wracking yet beautiful place to be, the midst of the unknown with the knowledge from all of the lessons life has already taught you. You have all of the tools in your tool belt to press on the gas and start the journey. 

The most important piece that I learned from this shift is to always remain present, to appreciate the moments that will reveal more of who you are meant to be. 

After years of structure and routine we get to this place, over and over again in our life where we get to decide what happens next, and more likely than not, we won’t have the answers right away, sit in that, allow yourself to flow through the emotions that come along with not knowing and be open to receiving guidance for what is next.