“You’re so lucky.”

I’ve heard it a million (maybe more times).

It’s not true.

I mostly hear it after I post a picture of palm trees or some other far flung place I’ve traveled to.

But, I’m here to tell you TWO THINGS, first, I’m going to right that misnomer based on social media perception–I’m not lucky.

Second, I’m going to tell you HOW I did it–how I created the life that you see on social media as well as what’s happening behind the scenes. Ready?

1. What you see on my social media IS true AND it is the highlight reel–you don’t want to see me doing dishes, begging my six year old daughter to put her shoes on for the 7,587,982nd time this week (although sometimes we do share our kitchen dance parties). It’s about being intentional about the life that I am creating. You see me at a pumpkin patch–that’s because A. I decided to be a mom who does the hayride/pumpkin patch thing AND B. I made a plan/time in my calendar to make it happen. You see me in Puerto Rico, It’s because I decided that travel and breaks and warm weather are priorities for me–both in how I spend my time and my money. You can do this too–I’m not lucky.

2. I have a plan. It’s not quite a clipboard outlined, unable to deviate from it plan but I have a plan about my life. I have expectations and excitement about where I want it to go. This plan feels good. It’s what I like to call my “Goldilocks Plan.” Not too hard, not too easy…just right. Not too much work, not too much play…just right. It’s taken me nearly a decade to find this cadence and the only reason I’m able to maintain it is because I practice and stay focused on it regularly (like daily/weekly). I do this for two reasons–first, because my default setting is to work too hard and burn myself out, I’ve done this at least 11 too many times in my life and use my Goldilocks Plan maintenance as safeguards against doing it again. The second reason I do this is because I want to stay focused, I don’t want my life to just happen to me–I want to be actively participating in how it is created and curated.

YOU can do this too, I’m going to teach you how on Thursday, 12/9 from 10am-1pm EST (live virtual or sign-up and grab the replay)…

  • We’re going to map out 2022
  • Figure out how we’re holding ourselves back
  • Learn how to take action
  • Make plenty of time for play