If you are feeling like stepping outside the box, this message is for you. If you’ve been feeling a bit bored and ready to shake things up a bit, this message is definitely for you.

What do you aspire to? Pine for? Covet? Sometimes it’s as simple as a raise, a bit of acknowledgment for our hard work. Other times, we’re looking for a total change in pace—new job, new style, new bod, new guy, or even a new location. I’d love to know what it is that you are looking for, what is your dream? What is on your bucket list?

Me? I’m writing you from Gunnison, Colorado, middle of the USA. I’m on a bucket list road trip with my honey, an adventure that I’ve aspired to for quite some time. And it feels oh-so-good when we’re actually living out our dreams. 

It began a few months ago, I was asked the question, “if you could do anything in the year ahead, what would you do?” My mind was reeling…launch my business, host amazing workshops, meet inspiring women, travel, yoga, surf, eat delicious food…I could go on. But the first thing out of my mouth was, “Cross Country trip to California.” I’d been thinking about it forever, trying to angle myself to carve out the perfect time and space to make it happen. Taking the time seemed totally impossible, so I took my dream and put it on the shelf. I thought about that shelf, there were a few things I kept putting on it, promising myself that I would get to them someday.


I began to feel like “someday” might never happen, I was waiting to for “someday” to just magically happen on it’s own. And that wasn’t going to happen, it was up to me to give myself permission to let “someday” be now. I had allowed myself to be hung up on all the “shoulds,” letting my expectations of myself and what I “should” be doing stand in my way. But, I my mind shifted back to the shelved possibility of a cross country adventure, I took it off the shelf and held it in my palms.

If I was sick of living in “someday” then it would be up to me to decide that “someday” was today. (Tweet it!)

So that’s what I did, over a dinner conversation with my hubby, he agreed that we would head west, check out California and have a proper road trip together. A coast to coast adventure. We’ve travelled a ton together before but this time would involve lots of snacks, a book of cd’s that I dug out from college, and a couple of borrowed audiobooks.


We are on the road as I type this blog post to you (thank goodness for the modern wonders of technology and mobile hotspots). But what’s with all the urgency in sending out this message? Why not wait until I’ve reached the west coast?

It’s because I’m all about taking action and making moves. And you will too. Don’t get me wrong, I love meditating and creating my dreams in my mind, knowing that the possibilities are endless. Anticipating all the goodness that the universe has to offer, but action is what moves mountains. It’s all about making it happen. And making it happen feels oh-so-good, it’s that feeling that gives you a grew big, hell yes!!

As we cruise down the highway, I think about being asked, “if you could do anything in the year ahead, what would you do?” As I look out the window, I smile knowing that, hell yes, I made it happen!

You know your burning desires, let’s make them a reality. (Make it happen, share on Twitter)

Here’s what I want you to do, your mission this month: Cultivate a list of your most burning desires and share them. YES…share them, out loud. When we make our dreams and desires known, we are more likely to truly make it happen. Who doesn’t want to be living their dream life.


Here’s how we will live out loud:

1. Carve out some time to create a list of your top 5 burning desires, hopes, and dreams

2. Share your list three times:

  • First with a trusted friend or family member, someone that will build you up and keep you working toward your goal
  • Next, post a little love on our Facebook page living out loud for all to see
  • Most importantly I can’t wait to hear from you, shoot me an email and let’s start talking about making these dreams a reality. We’ll work together to create a plan that will help you to take some major action and get in line to make those dreams yours!


It’s my turn to drive…I’m really excited to share my burning desires list with you, keep your eyes peeled for the next email where I reveal where 2014 will be taking me.



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