Perfectionism can take over your mind and hold you back from truly living and enjoying your life to the fullest. As self-doubt creeps in, you might find yourself overthinking and questioning your capabilities because you are not “perfect”. This feeling can stem from different places, including the need to feel like you are in control or to have an illusion of safety by trying to make everything perfect.

Jennifer Wielage knows about trying to be perfect and she has embarked on a journey to overcome perfectionism. Self-acceptance and striving to be the best you instead of the perfect you are important parts to this process. Also, it’s necessary to understand that it’s okay not to be happy all the time, it’s only human! Jennifer talks about the importance of accepting you might fail sometimes and changing your perspective on this subject. After all, every failure is a learning experience that can make you stronger and wiser. 


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In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to The Mindrise Podcast
  • (06:54) How perfectionism sneaks up on you
  • (10:55) Feelings and circumstances that trigger perfectionism
  • (17:15) Looking for safety and control through perfectionism
  • (21:02) Getting rid of self-doubt by accepting we are not supposed to be happy all the time
  • (31:25) Tools to overcome perfectionism and reach self-acceptance 
  • (40:38) Being the best you can be and accepting where you are right now


Key Takeaways

  • Wanting to be flawless can hold you back from life.
  • Self-acceptance can lead to letting go of perfectionism.
  • Perfection is an illusion and you can end up engaging in perfectionism to have a sense of control. 
  • It’s okay if you are not happy and positive all the time. That is life and accepting this is key to rid yourself of self-doubt.
  • We learn our more valuable lessons through failure.
  • Comparison with others can be the root of perfectionism, self-doubt, and unhappiness. 
  • Journaling can be a great way to put your thoughts in perspective and unclutter your brain.
  • Be the best you, allow space for failure, and accept where you are in your life.


About Jennifer Wielage

Jennifer is a Mindrise life balance coach and a court reporter who decided to make her mental and physical health a priority after suffering from different health issues. She now provides her clients with tools that can help them achieve the life they want. 


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