At best, talking about “magic” feels childish. In our most judgmental moments, magic feels fake or contrived. But the truth is there’s magic in just about everything, it depends on your perspective and willingness to open your mind to what else is possible. This month at Mindrise, we’ve had a mantra: “I do not need to know or control the outcome. I can take action in the direction of my vision.” Everything you need lies within you–step out of your own way, make your own magic….


Own Your Magic

Mindrise Coach, Cayla Brewton


I quit my part-time job after doing meditation and a newly discovered 5-year vision. I had little knowledge of how I was actually going to make it happen. 


I took a pay cut only to be promoted to new levels in other areas of my life. 


I trusted that deep inner knowing that more was meant for me, except I had no idea what “more” was going to emerge into. 


With everything in life there are phases and as I am in the midst of one of them, I’m learning that it’s cyclical, that we are never done figuring it out or having the ideas drop in for even the hard moments of “WTF do I even want?”


And because it’s cyclical, we get to take action now, we get to tap into our passions and creates something from all that we have become thus far. 


No matter how big or small the step is in the direction of your dreams take it.. With full conviction while you’re at it. Because no one is you, no one is going to do it the way you will and that’s what makes it all so magical. 


When we have full conviction in who we want to become, we can stand strong in that, grounded in our messy action, our imperfect action, because hey, at least we’re taking action. 


The universe will always recognize that by presenting opportunities for growth and expansion and when we allow ourselves to get curious, take action, and surrender to the ebbs and flows, we become closely acquainted with this divine concept of alignment. 


You see, I had no damn idea what I was going to do with the time I had without this part time job, but I knew there was something on the other side.


One wednesday afternoon I sat with my signing bowl, sun beaming down on me and let words flow to paper. It was within me this entire time. Clueless, yet trusting, I took imperfect action and get to serve people on a new level now because of it. 


If we never become sure of at least the desire to do and have more, we are essentially baracadding ourselves from full tapping into the magic that lies within. 


Own yours, 


Own your magic. 


Because we all have the innate power to be alchemists in this human experience. Allow your desires, ideas, and inspirations to flourish into existence.


Do so by taking the first step, just tiptoe toward it if you have to, but don’t let your light go to waste. You are meant for more; no matter how messy or imperfect it may look at first.


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