I’ve been a “water-baby” since I was old enough to run away from my mother’s beach towel and down to the ocean. I loved everything about the water, from the splash of the waves to the feeling of the ocean dancing between my toes. Whether jumping into a pool or learning to boogie board at the beach, I could never have enough water-time.

While my love for a water-bound lifestyle started as a child, it truly blossomed as I began to travel and see the world. From my experiences in the ocean as a child, I always felt safe in the water as thereby embraced exploring far-flung lands from swimming in the South China Sea of Vietnam to surfing the beaches of Costa Rica.


Now, my husband and I have our first child, passing on our love for the water is absolutely essential. Since we split our time between the beaches of Puerto Rico, North Carolina, and New Jersey, we began looking into swimming safety as soon as our daughter was born. This is when I first discovered Pediaswim.

PediaSwim is a comprehensive swimming program teaching infants and toddlers to swim-float-swim for fun and safety.  The goal of Pediaswim is for children learn to swim in just three to five weeks. The Pediaswim program teaches them to swim facedown then roll to a calm float and flip back over to a propulsive swim.

Wanna know why I love Pediaswim even more? Let me tell you about it’s founder…

Pediaswim was developed by Joy McGinty. Joy is one powerhouse woman (and you know how much I love ambitious go-getters!). Not only has Joy been teaching infants and toddlers water skills, she built and operates SouthWest Aquatics, and was founded ‘The Gift of Swimming,’ a nonprofit organization whose mission it is to provide access to drowning prevention resources and education for the community’s underprivileged, mentally or physically challenged or otherwise disadvantage.


Even more so, Joy has been honored for her efforts several times over. She has been recognized by The International Swimming Hall of Fame as the recipient of the G. Harold Martin Award presented for long and exceptional leadership, insight and dedication to the water safety of children and the cause of making Every Child a Swimmer. The Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Award Committee designated Joy a Local Hero for her philanthropic work in bringing swimming survival skills to disadvantaged children. In her home state of Florida, the Orange County Board of Commissioners selected Joy as The Humanitarian of the Year for accomplishments and contributions with Orange County Head Start and underprivileged children teaching them the life-saving skill of swimming.

What a woman!!

While Joy trains swim instructors at her home base of Florida, the good news her Pediaswim certified team can be found all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and even the Netherlands. Click here to see if there’s one in your backyard. As for our little Phoebe, we’ll be starting the party in the bathtub and look forward to swim lessons this summer. Perhaps by Labor Day, she’ll be ready to catch her first wave.


Did you know Joy will even teach you her Pediaswim methodology? You can become a Pediaswim Instructor!

More About the PediaSwim Instructor Training Course 

PediaSwim is an instructor training course that provides you with the skills to teach infants and toddlers to swim and float. PediaSwim provides you with the skills to run your business, but gives you the freedom to run it as you wish!  PediaSwim is the safest, most effective way to teach babies to swim and float.


The PediaSwim Instructor Course is an intensive four week hands on study.  Each apprentice will be provided in-water experience with children of a variety of ages, ranging from six months to four years, over a four week period.  The exclusive private training program includes instruction in teaching breath control, propulsion, floating, rollover breathing, survival skills, transitional stroke development and troubleshooting problems with students of all ages. There is no past swimming or teaching experience required!

For information, head over to PediaSwim.com
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I did my training with Joy at SW Aquatics (PediaSwim). I love everyone there. So proud to tell people about them. Thank you Joy for changing so many children’s lives for the better. You make a huge difference in so many lives you can’t even imagine!
—Janice Mortimer
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