So, I hired a coach. I like calling her my “book sherpa” and I’ve also taken to referring to her as “The Book Lady.” The truth was, I felt really sick and tired of saying, “I’m working on my 3rd book,” while I just kept getting in my own way of actually writing it and getting it done. (You can find out more about what was getting in my way here.) We all need accountability sometimes (all the time).

One of the big things The Book Lady and I landed on is that leadership is not a life sentence but it can definitely feel that way when you haven’t been putting yourself on the menu. You can read more about that here because #blogging

Is the book done yet? No. But I’m working on it 😉 In the meantime, here’s what I have been up to this summer because sometimes life requires a TON of balance…

– Just got back from Chicago…went to the Cubs game but not actually in the Cubs game
– Went to cheer camp, yup you heard that right…house mom here!
– Built an entirely new platform for our Coach Training program–woo hoo!!
– Built a HUGE membership library of ALL our Mindrise content, stay tuned…
– Ate caviar and hand made a fringe t-shirt for 4th of July because #balance
– Went to outdoor movies, worked on my communication and relationship skills (sometimes with a little luck) and learned how to make bubble experiments…
– Took a break from the podcast and hopefully making a Fall return
– Hired a “book sherpa” to get my writing -ish together and get out of my own way

Some of these things were on my summer bucket list and some weren’t–there were plenty of pools, and beaches, picnics and dock parties (and if you’re not following me on Instagram, you’ve been missing out) but what I really gave myself permission to do was to take a deep breath and put myself back on the menu again, and I hope if nothing else, this inspires you to do that too…

On this instagram post, I wrote about what’s been happening behind the scenes in my life–both personally and professionally. From overwhelm to divorce (how covid cliché), the boom of busy that happened from worldwide shift and mental health impact. Everything about life was felt unyielding–even the sweetness of a new relationship and living full-time in one of my favorite places in the world, I just felt like I couldn’t give it the 100% that I know I am capable of. And that’s hard–when life feels like waves over and over again and the role of a leader, a role you loved more than anything, begins to feel like a life sentence.

It’s easy in some ways to stay in the motion of things that don’t serve us, especially when they are familiar. As author and trauma-researcher, Kathy Overton, once said, “We will choose a familiar hell over an unfamiliar heaven.” Even when it’s painful, we will choose what we know. The only way to get out of that cycle is to put yourself on the menu.