We all come to the point of being ready for change at different times. I decided to make a change when I just couldn’t “feel” my life anymore. In my journey, I had gotten to a point where I was just going through the motions. I’m sure you’ve been there too, becoming so busy in life with things I “had” to do, rarely did I have time to do the things I wanted to do. For me this meant having time to grab a glass of wine with girlfriends, ride my bike or go for a paddle after work rather than having to wait for the weekend, and most especially it meant having the time to make food that nourished my soul (instead of just eating whatever was quick and easy…then falling asleep right after).

At that time, almost every day felt the same–wake up uber early, work…work…work…(did I mention work?) then come home, eat something and fall asleep just to wake up and do the exact same thing yesterday. For a while, living for the weekends worked for me…until it didn’t. I would work so hard during the week that by the time the weekend came, I was too tired to do the things I loved and spent much of the time recovering until Monday when I would do it all over again.

As you can understand, change wasn’t just an option, it was mandatory. If I wanted to enjoy my life, I couldn’t go at this pace any longer.

Whatever it takes you to be ready for change, most times, you know you’ve reached that point when you’ve begun to think, “There’s GOT to be another way.” Here are the first 3 Must-Haves to put on your “to-do” list to make change happen in your life:

1. Vision: It’s hard to know how to get somewhere if we really don’t know where we want to be. Vision helps bring clarity to creating a destination for your ideal lifestyle. Deciding what you want life to look like instead of what it looks like now is the best first step to change because it puts us in the driver’s seat to make the changes most necessary to living life on your own terms.

2. Plan: One of the biggest parts of change is to create a plan. Without a plan, we can all fall into the trap of continuing to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result. Having a plan is a catalyst of change, it let’s the world know that you’ve decided to re-write the story of your life. It also means that you’ve decided not to wait on the sidelines for someone else to change your life, instead you are taking charge of your destiny.

3. Support: Ever tried starting a new routine at the gym by yourself? For the first week, you start off strong, you feel dedicated, you’ve got a vision of how you want to change, you’ve even got a plan of attack on how to exercise. The second week you get to the gym but not nearly as many times as the first week, promising yourself that next week will definitely be better. By the third week, you shoot to get there at least once, thinking, “Hey, at least I made it.” Then, by the fourth week, you’re thinking about taking some time off, life has become so busy, you’ll get back to the gym later. Later never comes and if it does, we often repeat the same cycle. Want that to change? Get some support.

When we have someone else in our corner, cheering us on, guiding us through the rough patches and helping us to stay true to our vision and commitment to change guess what happens? Magic. We being to make gains and see the very results we intended. In seeing these results, we want more. We aim higher, our goals and dreams get bigger, we just feel better. Most importantly, when we have support, we have someone to celebrate with. Someone who knows all the hard work you’ve put in and sees the change just as much as you do.

Here’s my little secret to finding the best support & accountability: Get someone in your corner who walks their talk. Want to travel? Find a jet-setter. Want to exercise more? Find a friend who has put some miles on her sneakers. You get my point. You want someone who has been down this road and can help you along the way, putting you in the right direction to help you achieve the lifestyle that you desire.

Change isn’t simply a decision that we make, it’s a journey that we take. Where will you be headed when you take yours?


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