We’ve all got role models or even others we can be envious of at times. These are often the women who we consider way ahead of us, achieving things we only think of impossible. They are often the trendsetters, innovators, or wordsmith philosophers who say things in a way that makes us think, “yeah, me too.” (Danielle LaPorte anyone?) For me, my list includes Oprah, Beyonce, and Danielle LaPorte. We can even put women on our list who are friends but still kicking ass in a way that we wish we were doing RIGHT NOW. (As ambitious women, patience isn’t always our strong suit). For me, I would add Sarah Jenks and Nisha Moodley to my list too.

This list can be a double-edge sword. It inspires us to see what is possible but it can also bring us down to feeling like, “Well, she’s already doing it.” I’ve always wanted to know…”how did she get there?” Sometimes the ‘About’ section on someone’s page will tell us a bit more of her ‘story.’ Other times, we just wish we had an inside look on her journey.

This is why when we’re at the check-out line at the grocery and we see something that says, “Stars without make-up!” We take a quick peek just to see what’s really behind the curtain, haha.

The thing we never really think about these women is, she’s still growing. She’s still finding her way, and her path too. [Tweet it!] The truth is that none of us (not even Oprah), is done with their journey. Keeping that in mind, I’ve decided to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at my path to success. While I’m not sipping martinis poolside with Oprah (yet), we all have a story to tell that changed our lives forever.

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