Today’s blog post is of the “do-as-I-say…and-not-as-I-do” variety. The universe gave me a serious smack down this week, just when I thought I had it, “ALL under control.”

Get ready for some REAL TALK.

I’ve been cruising along, feeling pretty good, like a pilot I was checking my gauges:

– Business flowing…CHECK
– Amazing Clients…CHECK
– Baby taken care of…CHECK
– Plenty of time with family…CHECK

As you can see, things were looking pretty  good. Saturday we went to the Farmer’s Market…I’m floating around thinking about how lovely it is to be spending some serious quality family time, picking organic veggies, buying some yummy locally made soap. I’m feeling like a Norman Rockwell painting.


And then I threw my back out. Super humbling because I’ve never had a back problem and consider myself to be very active. But the truth is, the universe was trying to tell me something. While I’ve been rocking the work/family thing, I totally spaced out on taking care of me. When I looked back at my gauges SELF-CARE was completely empty.

Even though I thought I had it “all figured out,” I forgot one seriously important piece of the equation…I wasn’t taking care of me.

Injured back, unable to take care of the baby, I realized something very important: I have to take care of ME first before I can take care of anyone else.

I know what you are thinking…I’m always telling you to do this but I humbly found myself not practicing what I preach. REAL TALK.

So, here’s my game plan…I already went to the chiropractor and I’m on the mend. I’ve got a massage planned for tomorrow followed by a ladies night with friends, I’m planning to power down the laptop over the weekend (maybe even a tech-free Sunday), and while I’m at it I’d like to find a delicious beach-read too.

I’m planning to reconnect to my self-care and I’d like your help to keep me accountable.

In the comments below, I want to hear from you:
  • What’s your favorite self-care tip?
  • What’s your favorite beach-read?
  • Optional: How do you get babies to sleep through the night? 🙂




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