Oh hi September–how’s it going? As we wrap up from the summer, I’m feeling those “back-to-school” vibes…AKA those “get-your-sh*t-together” vibes… it sets the tone for what’s going to happen in the Fall, how you are going to finish out 2021, and set the stage for 2022. September is NO JOKE.

Here’s what I’m planning on crushing for my September goals:


1. Soak up more summer

2. Stay consistent with what works well at Mindrise

3. Follow through on goals

4. Get more visible on social media

5. Heal from trauma

// NEW MONTH, NEW GOALS // Taking care of yourself means setting new goals and getting clear about what you want–this means new habits, new intentions, and making big changes…it also means remembering what works. It’s not ALWAYS about reinventing the wheel–it’s about striking a balance between remembering what has already been working for you in the past and integrating what’s new–what you want now and where you are going. What’s next for you?