There’s been a real theme to my week and I wanted to share. The theme has been“should.”

Perhaps it’s the full moon, maybe we really are all just connected, or maybe…it’s just me but “should” has been popping up all over the place. From me, from my clients, from my friends, and even in yoga class.

I’m ready to kick “should” to the curb.

“Should” sucks

I should work harder….
I should make more money….
I should be thinner….
I should have a boyfriend…

I should have it all figured out by now….

Aren’t you sick of it? I am.

When I think in “shoulds” it makes me feel less-than. It makes me feel judged. It makes me feel like I’m just not making the grade.

Here’s the deal–when we are living in “should,” we are judging ourselves and in this judgement, we’ve determined that we just aren’t good enough.

Not worthy enough….
Not pretty enough…
Not smart enough…

This list goes on.


Instead of enjoying exactly where we are right now or even the journey that we are on–we judge ourselves for not being THERE yet.

The truth is that when we are living in “shoulds,” it actually puts us further and further away from achieving our goals.

It puts us further away from living life on our own terms.
It puts us further away from actually enjoying the experience of our lives.
And most especially, it puts us further away from being happy.

If you are just as tired of “should” as I am, let’s chat. I am going to be opening the doors to my 1:1 practice a little wider this Fall and will have space to take on a small handful of new clients.

If you are…
– Ready to kick “should” to the curb
– Ready to design a life that lights you up
– Ready to break through fears to live the life you always wanted

Let’s connect to see if we’re a match, complete this application to work together.


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