How do you choose to show up in the world? Everyday we make a choice about who we want to be—what “mask” (and we all know what I’m talking about) that we want to wear. Sometimes we use our “mask” to hide who we really are or the vulnerabilities that are contained inside. We shield from others just the same as we seek approval from them In this week’s blog, Mindrise Coach Cayla Brewton, is talking about how we show up for ourselves each and every day.


Show Up For Yourself

Cayla Brewton, Mindrise Coach

When we choose to become a better version of ourselves…

When we connect with our higher selves. This allows us to attract the energy of all that is meant for us. 

We get to start showing up as that version of ourselves.


How do you show up for your day?


Is it in your hairstyle/cut?

Is it in the shoes you put on your feet? 

That piece of jewelry that makes you feel completely put together? 

Or maybe it’s the clothes you wear?


EVERYDAY I ask myself, “What would my higher self wear today?” to honor the opinion of that better version of me.


Each day it’s different!


It feels so damn good to wear things that may not be “name brand” or the most expensive; or what’s hot right now, but instead- what I like, what makes me feel beautiful, confident & connected to my femininity.

This allows me to shop for things that I am aligned with rather than what’s trending… Creating my own path in every area of my life. 


So each day do one thing that makes YOU feel proud to be you, one thing that you know will bring you just a little closer to that future you that you envision. 


Ask yourself…

What is one thing I can do to feel better about myself? 

By opening up our minds to this question we are stepping into your next level.