It’s 2022–you likely know this by now. I’m curious–how are you feeling about it?

A few years ago–I banned** a client from investing in anymore programs, coaches, or books–zero freebies, downloads, or the latest quiz. We did this because she was spending ALOT of time looking outside of herself for the answers. So afraid of getting it wrong that she looked to everyone and everything else for the answer. BUT there was once place that she didn’t look for answers… (spoiler alert, read below and I’ll tell you how it all shook out….)

BACK to present day…We took a couple of weeks off at Mindrise at the end of December to rest up for the new year. Then last week we had a team meeting and decided not to enter the mad dash race of telling everyone that they didn’t have their shit together and that somehow WE were the solution.

Tell me, it’s not just me (or the algorithms following me).

I found it exhausting that “solutions” were lurking in every corner whether I looked for them or not.

As a team, we decided not to follow the crowd.

Instead, we had really amazing conversations about a BIGGER picture, we reflected on 2021–celebrated the wins and accepted the lessons. We dove deep on what we wanted, how we could help, and what’s happening next.

Here’s what we learned–you’ve GOT to go within before you go FORWARD.

That’s how this works.

Rather than scrapping it all–start with what you have, who you are, and then imagine what you want. Our Vision Map tool is the gold standard for the vision part. As for the reflection AKA going within (because the truth is–your soul is your real compass), here are 4 questions to get you started:

  1. WINS–What worked well in 2021?
  2. BLOCKS–What didn’t work–what do you want to leave behind from 2021?
  3. Thinking back a year ago, how are you different?
  4. What was my biggest contribution this year–What was the biggest thing I gave in 2021?

Don’t bother 2022-ing until you answer these 4 questions–then, complete the Vision Map tool

TRUST me on this one. While I started this email telling you about a client, I’ve also been there. We look to everyone and everything else for the answers and the truth it–THE ANSWERS COME FROM WITHIN.

So if you are in the boat of feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, or needing a +1 in your corner, we’ve got your back on this one….BUT you’ve got to do your homework first.

  1. Answer the 4 questions above.
  2. Do the Vision Map tool
  3. And then you can book your chat with our rockstar Mindrise Coaches to have that +1 to hold your hand and kick your ass into making it happen (and getting out of your own way) in 2022


**PS “banned” is a strong word and used to catch your attention, of course everyone is a sovereign being and has full agency to make their own choices…I’ve only grounded a few clients and given detentions a handful of times, JK