In this episode, Bailey interviews Corinne Zupko, the best-selling author of From Anxiety to Love, board-certified coach, and adjunct professor. They talk about how the book A Course in Miracles changed Corinne’s life and the importance of listening to your inner voice.


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Spiritual Tools for Healing Anxiety episode:

Just like we use a GPS to find the places we are going to, you can use your inner guidance system to set the course of your life. Corinne Zupko discovered this when she started studying A Course in Miracles, a book that changed her life and became part of her journey. In this episode, Corinne talks about some important tools you can use to overcome anxiety and about the huge role vulnerability has in this process.

Corinne and Bailey also talk about how your own experiences can be your greatest teachers as long as you take the time to examine them. Corinne remarks on the importance of looking at your fears and those parts of you you’re least comfortable with. This will allow you to make an important exchange of fear for love, letting you heal and find the confidence you need to move forward.


Key Takeaways

  • Finding your inner voice allows you to learn to trust yourself and it can guide you in your life.
  • Our experiences can be our greatest teachers.
  • Being willing to connect with your spirit is key to exchanging fear for love.
  • In our vulnerability we find our shared invulnerability.
  • Looking at your shadows, your fears and judgmental thoughts allows you to bring them to the light and find love.
  • Your life is designed to help you heal and direct you back to love. You’re exactly where you need to be.
  • The light in you is too bright to fail.


About Corinne Zupko

Corinne Zupko is a best-selling author of the award-winning book From Fear to Love. As a keynote speaker, professor, and mental health expert, she has made it her goal to teach others useful techniques to overcome anxiety. Corinne found the way to connect with her spirit after studying the book A Course in Miracles, and she wants to provide others with the spiritual tools that will allow them to heal their anxiety.


In this episode we covered:

  • (00:00) Welcome to Corinne Zupko to The Mindrise Podcast.
  • (03:04) Corinne opens up about how the book A Course in Miracles helped her find her spirituality and overcome the different anxiety disorders she suffered from a young age.  
  • (08:29) How science and spirituality don’t need to be disconnected from each other and the importance of finding a balance between the two. 
  • (11:03) How by looking deeply into your experiences, you can become your own scientist and nurture your inner guidance system. 
  • (15:43) What is the Course of Miracles and how it changed Corinne’s life and the role it has had on her journey. 
  • (21:57) Meditation and healing tools to learn how to deal with anxiety and finding the willingness to change things.
  • (25:15) The importance of examining your unwillingness to change and where this resistance comes from.  
  • (30:22) Confiding in others, in your inner voice and spirit, and journaling are tools that allow you to be vulnerable, which connects you with love instead of fear.
  • (35:48) Corinne’s health fears and how finding her inner guidance has helped her overcome the instant anxiety and panic that would automatically come with any concern.
  • (39:26) The importance of not judging your progress and celebrating your life. 
  • (41:59) Corinne’s future plans and the work she will be doing to continue to share tools to find love. 
  • (45:02) Corinne’s message to your soul!


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