In this episode, Bailey interviews Jackie Dragone, a fitness professional who created a simple method, based on her 10 years experience, to make exercising possible for everyone. Her technique allows people to pay attention to their routine and needs to start exercising when it is right for them. She strongly suggests knowing what your priorities are when it comes to health and habits, so you can commit to certain things during your everyday life. Exercising should be fun and a priority to stay healthy and full of energy.


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Bailey and Jackie discuss the importance of prioritizing wellness on a daily basis. We have a choice as regards feeling well, energized and healthy. It should be everyone’s priority to be healthy, exercising and eating what is good for our body.

Jackie walks us to the process we should follow to know our best hours to do exercise and to know what is best for our body. She says that every person can find at least 30 min 3 times a week to move the body. But in order to do that, we need to prioritize what is important to us and commit to that activity. This is a long term commitment, we start today, and we get benefits in the future. 

She created an online fitness program to help people exercise easily taking into account each person’s routine and needs. Heath and wellness should be part of our everyday life activities and not something imposed or forced. 

TheLab, her online business, contains her own method to exercise your body. She created a fun method called Rhythm Lab and then, because of the pandemic situation, she moved it online. Plus, she added all her expertise on sequencing exercises and fun. Now, it is a complete program for those who want to improve their health and wellness and don’t know where to start. 


Key Takeaways

1- ‘Wellness is a priority, period.”

2- Identify what your moments for exercising are.

3- Wellness affects all aspects of your life.

4- Pay attention to what you are committed to.

5- Invite other people to support what we do, to support us.

6- Try different things before deciding what your priorities are.


About Jackie Dragone

Jackie is a former dancer who turned into a fitness professional. She started her fitness career in NYC as a Pilates instructor, and then quickly learned as much about group fitness as possible. After a decade of creating content for several large fitness brands; she decided it was time to do it on her own so she created THELAB. 

Her time as a fitness talent director in NYC, DC and PHILLY has led her to this  point in her professional career where she can offer  a comprehensive program driven by the support of her community.


In the episode we covered

  • (00:00) Bailey introduces Jackie Dragone
  • (2:25) Jackie talks about how she got into the fitness business.
  • (4:25) What “TheLab” is. How she created the program and her fitness method.
  • (7:45) Jackie’s mindset when it comes to her business and her method to optimize workouts.
  • (11:30)  She explains why wellness is a priority.
  • (15:00) They talk about commitment to taking care of yourself.
  • (17:25) Which is the right time to exercise?
  • (18:40) Commitment to oneself to work out on a daily basis.
  • (23:45) How to identify our priorities when it comes to wellness and exercising.
  • (27:50) She explains how her program works and how to divide the workouts.
  • (30:35) Jackie details her mini program created for the MindRise community. 


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