In this episode, Bailey interviews Kate Snowise, an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist/Executive Coach. Kate addresses how burnout occurs due to prolonged exposure to stress, and how the key to recovering from burnout is unlocking the stress process. Based on a psychological model of stress and coping, Kate discusses three different types of coping – Mindset, Action & Nourishment – and how we can incorporate associated behaviors into our regular routines.


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Kate experienced burnout while moving to the States from New Zealand, being a mum of two and suffering from culture shock. From her personal experience she was able to identify what was going on with her, why she was stressed out and then, pivot to thrive. Thriving is a natural process for her, she was able to chase her passion and find her truth to be more intentional with her life, as well.


Many things might happen at the same time, even if they seem to be ‘chaotic’, we might find the ‘aha’ moment. Then, we realize that we can shift our path, choose something different and create from who we truly are. We are biologically wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain, so we have the energy, the willpower to change our life and find what we desire.


Burnout is a state we can overcome when we find our own truth, who we are and what we actually want to pursue. Intentionality is what takes us there. Which are our intentions? What do we want? Self-discovery is the starting point to find our truth, trust yourself and see the path clearly. The more we discover about ourselves, the less ‘fog’ we are going to find towards our vision. 


Creating and deepening self-knowledge while creating a safe space for us to be faithful to what we want to achieve, get us to our goal. So every time the path seems to deviate, we can go back to our vision, intentions and readjust our actions. 


Moreover, if we want to be good leaders, we need to know how to lead ourselves. Leadership starts with phenomenal self-leadership. In this way, we can be more authentic and genuine leaders. Acknowledging our strengths, our value and our natural behavior is what makes us good at what we do. We should build our Confidence through self-knowledge. Knowing who we are deep down is what makes each of us thrive.


Key Takeaways


  1. Stress is one of the things that holds us back from living a holistic life.
  2. Everybody is biologically wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure.
  3. Self-discovery helps us find the answers we seek for. The truth of who we are is inside each of us. 
  4. Difficult times in our lives become the starting point of change and exploration. 
  5. Outstanding leadership starts with phenomenal self-leadership.
  6. Action is essential to thrive. Get out of our comfort zone. 
  7. Intentionality is crucial to raise our potential. Be intentional with the moves we want to make towards what we desire.


About Kate Snowise


Kate Snowise is an Executive Coach and founder of boutique consultancy, Thrive.How (said Thrive(dot)how). Her coaching programs focus on resilience and well-being, leadership and personal fulfillment. With a background as an Organizational Psychologist, she draws on her knowledge to help deepen her clients self-awareness so that they can work, lead and live better. Kate is the host of the Here to Thrive podcast and her thoughts have been featured in Huffington Post, Forbes and FastCompany.


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