Struggling with “not enough time?” Here’s how to fix that…



I used to feel like every morning that I woke up, someone flipped the hourglass and time started escaping me quicker than I could catch it.

Whenever someone would ask me, “How’s it going? What have you been up to?” I always replied with, “I am so busy!”

This mindset had me firmly stuck in feeling like I was always chasing time and there was simply never enough time in the day.

I would wish for 36 hour days. And seeing as that’s not entirely realistic, I would skip sleep, skip self-care, skip social events so that I could “get caught up.”

Even though I did this–Why did I always feel like I was trying to still catch up?

Is this starting to sound familiar?

Every day my to-do list felt like the S&P500 ticker… constantly streaming, never ending, and never really getting caught up.

I read every single time-management and efficiency hack that was ever published in print or on the internet. 

I was spending too much time trying to get more time. And believed that getting more time had everything to do with doing more.

Good news is, it’s not true.

Having more time is a shift in your mind. It’s a state of being rather than a place of doing.

I recently made one of my MORNING MINDSET MESSAGES on the subject of time scarcity, you can check it out here:



It’s only two minutes but let me give you the Cliff Notes version:



Do you find the things you say in your head or even out loud involve not having “enough time” or “being too busy?”

Here’s the deal: you will continue to have a scarcity mindset when it comes to time if your mindset does not change.

It’s time to shift your mindset toward time abundance, and the first step in having time abundance is owning your power.

Start practicing this mindset shift: Acknowledge when “too busy” or “not enough time” pop up in your head. What are the triggers? Is that actually true?

Next, try replacing that disempowering belief with a phrase such as, “it’s not a priority” or “I can do that later.”

Shifting your mindset means changing your life, isn’t it time to get back into the driver seat of your life?

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