Welcome to our Summer of Self-Care. We created this 4-part video series as a mini “summer camp” of sorts for high-achievers…you know who you are, even in the times where you are supposed to be relaxing, you are thinking up new ways to evolve, improve, or change. Whether that means inventing a new business, taking on a new project, or signing up for a new training, you are always looking to grow.

Dive in below to check out exactly how to elevate your skills when it comes to managing your time, upholding your boundaries, developing healthy habits, AND most importantly kicking imposter syndrome for good!




When it comes to time, we are always wishing that we had more of it–more time for work, more time for sleep, and more time to get things done BUT while you’ve been on the merry-go-round of time have you stopped to take an inventory of exactly how time is slipping through your hands and you are always feeling last on the list? Listen in now for our latest training on how to take back your time.


Struggling feeling like an imposter? Not surprisingly, Imposter Syndrome affects nearly 70% of people, and most of those people are high-achievers. Watch now to learn about the 5 types of “imposters” and how to shift your mindset OUT of feeling like an imposter.


Have you ever gotten stuck in the trap of people pleasing? It’s not uncommon. We spend much of our formidable years being praise for being a “good girl or boy,” but what happens when we put everyone and everything ahead of ourselves? Boundaries are an essential tool to developing a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. Watch this video now to learn how to boost your relationship with boundaries!


Unfortunately, it’s easy to go through the motions of life as trial by fire. We ultimately end up neglecting ourselves along the way of being busy. In this video, Mindrise Coach Danielle Ford shows us exactly how to shift out of habits that aren’t serving us and into a life that feels much more aligned with who we are becoming.

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