In this episode, Bailey interviews Carrie Friedberg, a money coach who helps people find balance and have control over their money. Her financial plan focuses on emotional and financial security from a holistic point of view. Carrie invites her clients to pay close attention to their income and expenses to make all the necessary changes to gain stability and have a healthy relationship with money.


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Summary of the episode 

This is the money episode. Bailey interviews Carrie Friedberg about getting our financial aspects in order and being financially responsible.


Carrie has undergone some very deep personal changes in connection to money. From this shift she was able to make and the stability and security she gained, Carrie decided to help professionals, families and small business owners to take control of their money and find lasting emotional and financial security.


She believes there is a clear link between our emotions and the way we relate to money. She invites their clients to look back in time, when they were kinds, and find the first memory they have connected to money. By doing this, they start deconstructing those negative patterns surrounding money.


Carrie and Bailey describe the importance of acknowledging how illiterate we are when it comes to getting our finances in order and how necessary it is to get help from a professional and be willing and open to learn new things. They believe that financial education is a solid ground to start paying attention to where the money is coming from and how we make use of it. 


Carrie emphasizes on how relevant it is to hire good professionals, like advisors or mentors but, at the same time, being open to learn while asking key questions and making money control part of our daily life. 


Key Takeaways

  • We have to apply wiliness and open-mindedness to financial aspects.
  • Assuming our financial power comes from education
  • Knowing the power of asking the right questions about money
  • We need to like, trust and respect our financial advisor
  • taking responsibility for our finances, stepping into our power when it comes to money


About Carrie Friedberg

Carrie Friedberg has been an educator for 25 years and is also a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®, financial therapist candidate and certified financial coach. She is the chief financial officer of her multi-generational household and an authority on positive psychology, the law of attraction, learning styles and personality types. 

Currently, she practices Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). She has traveled extensively in the United States, Central America, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Scandinavia and Europe. She has been featured by the US News, Forbes, SAP and Oprah and many other media outlets. Carrie has consulted with Visa, Macy’s, Google, WeWork and several other Bay Area tech companies. She has presented at Kansas State University, University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley. She offers in-person workshops to companies and families and works with clients from around the world online in addition to in-person appointments in Palo Alto. 

Carrie worked closely with Barbara Stanny Huson developing and delivering a personal finance webinar series for five years. Carrie is an active member of the Financial Therapy Association and the Financial Psychology Institute. She consulted for FinTech companies: Moven, Zeta, Alka, Figr, MoneyMinderOnline, MoneyGrit as well as many stealth finance startups. Carrie’s personal finance memoir is forthcoming, and she has been a columnist for WeWork Magazine, Thrive Global,, The Shriver Report and GoGirl Finance. 


In the episode we covered

  • (00:00) Introducing Carrie Friedberg
  • (01:45) Her financial path towards a solid administration.
  • (06:09) Relationship between emotions and money
  • (07:17) 3 stages of wealth
  • (11:00) Where does our relationship with money come from?
  • (19:18) Financial levels 
  • (27:30) Education and finances
  • (30:15) Hiring a financial planner
  • (32:41) how to choose a financial advisor 


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